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I agree about the cards.  I wish there were two sets, one when you fought female monsters and another when you fought male monsters.

Does the bundle come with the standard or gold version?

...I don't get the combat at all.  Maybe I just haven't played any games with similar combat.

Sad what's happened to this.  We haven't had a bi fantasy game this good since Exiles.

When you do well you get an empty picture with red line through it like the proper image can't load.

I quite like it.  It reminds me of Metroid 2 with the sense of humor of the Binding of Isaac guy.  I really wish I didn't have to hold down run for the entire game.  May it's different on a controller, but on the keyboard, my index finger is cramped.  (and I have seen no reason to walk once you get run, so why not just increase our speed?)

But yeah, great game reminds me of the sorts of treats you'd get in the Kongregate days.

I don't care for how the dialogue box covers up the pictures.

I wish you could move the character with the mouse.

I feel positive about the premise, but I think the random battles are too frequent I can hardly take two steps.

I think it's fun, but is it possible to lose?

me too. 

I think the card are should match the gender of the character you're fighting.  It's pretty weird to be choosing a card to do with tits when nobody in the fight has tits.

Totally into crazy.  :)

I really like the larger sprites for the characters than you usually see in these RPG maker games.

That was fun.  Hope you come back to it some day.

Would it be possible to make your character a solid color so he stands out from the scenery.  I lose track of him especially going from room to room.

I recommend putting a reflective plastic or glass in front of your screen, sit back and look at your reflection and it should happen right away.  Then remove the plastic and try not to lose focus.

I recommend putting a reflective plastic or glass in front of your screen, sit back and look at your reflection and it should happen right away.  Then remove the plastic and try not to lose focus.

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Never has a game been in more need of a save function.  But it was fun until I threw up and passed out.

I can't figure out any way to have instant text, I strongly dislike text that slowly scrolls out.  Also there doesn't appear to be any way to save the game.

I just looked you up and I have to say I really enjoyed Let's Meat Adam!  (it's one of only 2 adult games I ever bought.  the other was Coming Out on Top).  I loved the riddles in Let's Meat Adam.  (I wish there would have been a few more sex scenes though)  I'm going to have get Let's Meat Adam 2 now.  I didn't know it existed.  :)  

I enjoyed what I played up until there was no more English.  I both like being a demon and yet I hope to save brother from being mind controlled by the end of the game.

Orcs of Mordick community · Created a new topic Fun Game

I'd love to see a full RPG with the characters.  This was a great time.  And awesome drawings.

I ...think I finished the game.  i never saw my brother again after we left the dagger in the tree and the dagger still doesn't have blood on it, so I'm not sure.  Anyway, I'm not sure what else there is to do.

I think instead of finding new bows, maybe you should find "bow upgrades".  After I found the best bow it was a bit disappointing to find so many worse bows.

There's a chest in a cave in the ice area that seems like maybe it's a puzzle or maze of some sort to reach it.  there's an open doorway, but when you go through it, you can't see where you are anymore, but it also doesn't seem to go back very deep.  Can you get this chest?  is it an error?

another minor error is I got the horse and armor for Johannes before I got the letter, so i never got any dialogue about what the horse and armor was for.

Overall I think the map is interesting, but there's not much to do on it and none of the enemies pose any challenge.  I really liked your last game with all puzzles, I hope as you develop this one, we'll get to see some of the same kinds of things.

If I don't choose a primary love interest, will that mean I miss content?  If I was forced to pick one, I'd pick Fatima, but I like all of the characters at the point at which you are asked to pick, and I guess would like to romance them all more before I decided.  (On the other hand, if one of the options were the telepathic alien with the big cock, I wouldn't have any uncertainty).

I dunno. seems pretty buggy.  i wandered the island collecting things, it told me to find someone else, the only thing I found after fixed two bridges was a bat that kept attacking, I'd kill it, it wouldn't disappear, but immediately attack me again over and over, I'd kill it over and over, until I closed the game.

I got to the end.  Is everything you see capable of being picked up in the demo?  or do you need abilities you don't have yet?

If this is 18+, how come the main sprite doesn't have genitals?

The entire first page of google results when you look up baradise escape is this game.

I don't really understand the combat.  Whether I make them cum or they make me cum, I end up being completely exhausted and back in bed.  What do I do to continue progressing?

I like this enough I'd consider buying it when it is released, depending on the price.  :-)

The dog boss is really difficult.  I wish there was some way to know if I was even close or if I should just give up  :P

I really like the metroid feeling of the game otherwise, though.  And love controlling a character who doesn't mind being naked from the waist down.

I think the radio communications are too frequent though.  They really slow things down when what they have to say is obvious.

Thanks for the game.  I ended with the To Be Continued... ending.  I liked the puzzle solving quite a bit, but I wish I had had more options on the dating side.  I didn't care for Vince or Bart, although of the two I prefered Vince's honest douchery to Bart's holier than thou attitude.  The game seemed to think that was the wrong choice as things progressed however.  I wish I could just watch the other endings now rather than play through and make different choices, but then I bought the game as an Escape Room fan, not as a visual novel fan.  :-P