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Red Embrace: Hollywood community · Created a new topic Hype

I've never played a better visual novel before and this is just the demo. I'm so hyped for the full version. Argent Games always makes amazing visual novel games. I'm absolutely hyped. I come check this page everyday to see if there is any updates

Pleasure. I'll notify you when it is released

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After digging around Argent Games blog page I found a reminder that the game is 2-3 months away on a post made 19 days ago

I really love this game so much I can't wait for the full game and to buy it

I love that you are releasing the game later rather than rushing it, leaving it half finished

I do think adding eye shapes to the MC would be amazing and more one more feminine hairstyle.  I couldn't really tell the difference between my male and female MC

But apart from that this game is perfect 👌

Please keep developing it. I will most likely be the first buyer when the full game comes out