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I have a few questions. I'm still on the last public version so I'll assume maybe some of this has been tweaked or fixed, but anyway when playing sometimes scenes are in the wrong order. For example, I brought Heylena (not sure if that's the spelling or not, sorry) back with me, but the scene I got first was Alexia more or less forgiving me for it. Several moves later and I then got the scene where she first reacts to me bringing the girl to their room. Hours later I got a scene that seemed to come AFTER Heylena's love confession, which I hadn't even managed to get. I kept playing hoping it would randomly show up since I was really interested in their story, but it never came and then she escaped from the this something that's been patched in later versions? Along with this sometimes scenes repeat. So an event will happen, then not long after I'll get the same event as if it never happened the first time. 

Also, about how long can I play in the 0.2.47 version? I think I'm at week 30+ or somewhere around that point. I've done everything I can and the story seems to be pointing me back to Rastedel, but going there doesn't trigger any more story and I'm worried if I keep advancing the weeks I'll reach a dead end and die.

When I have the MC cheat, he quickly gets found out by Alexia, either with the Heylena story or the elf whose name is eluding me. But with Alexia I've managed to have her cheat many times and so far the MC is clueless. Is there a moment, either in the version I'm currently on or later where he finds out? I don't mind spoilers in that regard, I'm just really curious if I should keep going so I can see that.

Does the game currently have an actual end or is it still not available as more updates are being worked on?

Finally I'm really confused on what armor and weapons to buy or how to increase the MC's skills. So far I've just relied on dumb luck or reloading until I succeed, but I've seen others mention perks and skills, something I've not figured out how to do lol. It doesn't help that there's practically no guides on this game and I'm left bewildered at what to do most of the time, constantly worried if I go one more week I might have to start all over because I don't have enough weeks left to do something else (I had to do this recently because I couldn't figure out how to get the orcs on my side and I didn't have enough weeks left to fully do the event).

If you label it a 'demo' it could be on the Switch. Some of those are pretty short.

It refuses to download and just keeps redirecting me to this page.