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Hello Raven, I really want to thank you for this game, I am extremely fortunate to have found this game in beta I and live through the updates, you sir, are amazing. Proving this FREE game, for people, and they STILL have the guts to complain about a game that is being made for FREE. What you have done is very great and I appreciate it

I am not complaining, this is strictly all feedback. This game is great, and the AI tweaks were GREATLY appreciated, especially for the cars and tanks, no one could drive them correctly. Some stuff that would make a big impact would be planes. Too many people complain about the heli controls, and I believe that people cannot complain about something that moves in a straight line, and they only have themselves to blame for crashing. I am not going to say "Make jets, or make Bi planes, or make prop planes" This is your game and I am not ever going to complain about this, but I would be even more excited and happy about playing this if there were planes that had bombs or some kind of explosive. ALSO, shooting down a fast plane with a rocket would be EPIC.

Another kind of feedback I would like to give is the environment. I love the villages that you put into Dustbowl, if you could add like stairs on top of them (P.S I am only saying this because I love long range sniping, and the buildings help out a lot) Something that would be a very nice addition would be random weather storms, like a dust storm in dustbowl, or rain and fog on island. I also would ask if you plan to make a really in depth jungle map that would show the strength of shotguns and grenades.

I know this game is based of Battlefield, and one thing I would suggest modifying, are the explosions. When a tank or helicopter blew up, it was amazing, fire and shrapnel would go everywhere and there would be a large fire ball when the helicopter would be hit by a rocket or tank, and I believe that in Ravenfield, when you hit a helicopter with a rocket or tank, all you get is a hitmarker and it doesn't feel as satisfying as it was in Battlefield.

Attachments are also talked about a lot, and I feel that the only way it would be balanced is if you made randomizers for the AI, and the AI would have attachments randomly on their guns, OR you could sacrifice equipment slots to add attachments onto your primary weapon. Just a suggestion, to add mods to the vehicles, like a more explosive shell for the tank that is slower to reload and has less velocity and more drop, or just a regular shell that has a higher velocity and less drop.

Thank you for reading my long brick of review, and I hope you continue to make this game into something truly amazing. <3

Hey, Raven, I really don't think you should do anything to the bullet drop, I do believe it is keeping the glory of battlefield, if people are complaining, they need to "git gud". I have played battlefield for like over 1,000 hours, and getting used to bullet drop, isn't even that hard, especially when the enemies in Ravenfield don't even run. The bullet drop is fine and having those perfect drop shots feel amazing

Hey, one thing that I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART, is jets, a small runway and a jet with rockets, the reason is because I zook on BF4 and I can practice my rocket shots with jets on here, I would love it