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I just finished Sai and while I did enjoy it the bug where enemies don't spawn in the woodlot was frustrating. Just when I'd gotten immersed in the world, music and combat I had to reload my checkpoint multiple times. I actually restarted the game as well, replaying the first two parts to see if that would help.

I eventually got the enemies to spawn by immediately jumping down into the woodlot and skipping the path down to the second gate. I've seen the studio give the solution here of running up and down or reloading checkpoints but I really hope you'll consider fixing this bug in a future release.

The final battle was well done and quite tense. The bow mechanics worked well and felt as if there was some weight to your shooting. Activating the menhirs to see the forest bloom around you was satisfying.

The game is pretty short. I finished it in about 45 minutes which included a restart and some menu fiddling. I would've loved a few more levels of shooting at the machines before the ending, but I do think the ending rounded up the game very well.