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Played your game on our Twitch channel! We thought it was an intriguing experience; creative visuals and solid sound design. It had its weak points too–it dragged on a bit once we got to the key section–but overall it was certainly worth the playthrough. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can check out the VOD at (we had some trouble getting it started at first due to a controller bug where the character was whirling in circles). Hope you continue to make games, would love to see what weirdness you put together next!

We’ve been playing quite a few retro-style horror games on our Twitch channel this month, and so far this is right at the top of the list with Hedera. A good spooky experience with high production values. Would love to see a finished game! Keep it up!

If you like, you can check out a highlight reel of our playthrough of the game on Twitch here: (playthrough starts at about 56 minutes in)