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Slay madam~

You enjoying the game?? Who do you simp for??

what file did you download??

Nako ante ganun tlga HAHAHAHA pero purrr, maganda na direction ng gameee

same ante huhu de jk lng HAHAHA



There might be a chance to get that scene again ehe

It's in Lars' special episode, though you can't have it now..

There will be~
Though there was a s3x scene already ehe

We only had Dave, Gran and Norman


Oh, sadly I'm not part of it I just it exist, well you can type in another comment asking to join the server, someone from the server might see it and send the invite

HAHA well you'd be surprised on how many pinoys are here. Pero malay mo I'm not a Filipino since d lng nmn sila naglalaro ng ml ehe

The official discord server is exclusive to patreon, sadly. But there's an unofficial discord server created by fans if you wish to join

Gran~ I miss you~

Pinoy ka pala

So far none of us knows what it is, we will know soon as the game progress

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For I what I can say, go to your files, look for after class folder then go to your saves. From then on copy all of those files and paste it in a different folder, afterwards, once you redownload afcl you can now then paste those saved files to the new sav folder. Does that sound clear huhu

Ahh that one I have an explanation of that before though I dunno if I can make a clear explanation again and yes he is 515 ling

If you're talking about android then yes, so it's recommended to have a copy of your saves before redownloading

Personally I'd go either the pendant or Herbert since they are linked to me (in Walter's perspective)

Yo' it's been a while since my last check here. How's this vn going??

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There is.

D pa tayo tapos beh


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Nahhh, sino maghahalungkat dito?

Hoi, ano tong nabalitaan ko kay james?😤


Right here I am Jash, I'm going to say my reason because I also want to get this off my chest. You know that feeling when everything is just pulling you down, nothing is fun and you wanna be alone? Well I experienced those, living in a household full of demons is quite a challenge haha, aaaaaand I kinda have a suicidal thought at that time cause nothing is working out for me. In addition, I also have the tendency to just cut myself to everybody else cause I feel I'm just being a burden to everyone and I left you guys. It was sad but I want to be alone that time . Hope you can understand, if it's unforgivable I understand I did a shit move right there hehe...

You never know, Tora did have an increase of affinity on day 7~

ahh sorry it means "I'm gonna"

Yeahhh, then Imma keep him calm~ lmao

I'm sorry but Lars is the best 😌

So you like Gil AND Parker, hmmmmm

Yahh, I like the idea of a bear being a tsundere, he's kinda cute~

Probably mid June since we have Lars Day 9 on patreon, we'll have Anders Episode for the public update

Hah! I'll try to be~

That's pretty neat,

Ohh? Well that's good!!!!