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i love this game sm like omg! i think dylan may be my favourite tbh

also, whenever i press the history button it gives me an error screen saying "an exception has occurred" i thought u might like to know this

thank you so much!!

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love this game so much like omg. the art, the story, the music its all so good! love Mathias as well, i think his character is very well written

had a question tho, there are scenes when mc is alone with Mathias and i was just wondering what the music playing is called? ive looked in the about section and looked up all the songs but i cant seem to find it


a scene, with this song playing, that i can remember from the top of my head is 

when mc is recovering in their bed after Flitchen discovers the illusion magic and Mathias is visiting them

if anyone knows the name pls let me know :) 

I want to play it but my computer wont allow me to run it ;-;