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Way better than the knock of of this game called Minecraft


linux is another os

theres only a windows version

add bedrock

wow that was really cool

Download at your own risk my virus detector says it's a virus


Oh! ok. didn't know that.

how to do I get the trees to grow?

This is the best!! The only thing is, I downloaded this when it was $4, and now it's $5, and I got a new computer after that, it says I own it, and when I go to download it again, it just gives me the $5 dollar one for free without paying the extra $1. I don't know if this was a glitch or whatever, but I just wonder why it didn't make me pay the extra $1.

we need acsess to this to download


now 8 months

wow looks really cool

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you need to include two things so i can make the tree be two different colors not one different color. im rating one star if i can fiure out how to rate it

NO lol imagine if he did though


looks kinda like tetris tiles


is this a virus the second i opened this my cpu went to 70 or 90

looks cool. wish it was free tho

notch called and said he wants to sue you

lol why hasnt chrome blocked people from downloading this

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is there a way to get .EXE ? Because I Dont know how to open a .DSK file

or you could just do ctrl+alt+del and then task manager and clcik the lizard task and click end task

are you using microsoft edge? if so, use google because its works with that.

and if you still have the problem, you may need to free up some storage space(try emptying the recycle bin

also he was following my mouse almost half the time i wrote this comment

aww, cute! i especcialy like when he follows your mouse but it would be great if you could code it maybe a little more so he could do other stuff (like his hat falls off when he climbs up and then he goes to get it)