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there is no other indie game more loved than this one. we wish success to the developer!

Sending suggestions for new in-game content:

a) adding new difficulty level

b) adding new  & faster mutated version of monster/creature

c) adding new creeper creature sounds & deep space dark roar

d) main character can investigate , pick & access dead crew ipads, and voiced logs asking for help, failing and dying.

e) dead infected bodies can serve as breeding hubs for new creatures.

d) adding multiplayer options: 

d.1) (player 1 plus player 2 trying to survive in same ship). 

d.2) player 2 can help unblocking doors , corridors & routes

f) respawing of mini-boss creature with better A.I.


Killer, we are eager to see new patch bringing more new on maddie character relationship growing even more! she is amazing!

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even if we would like to replay the entire game to check & see new texts and decisions, it is very hard to shutdown possibility of new relationships or let down your favorite girls expectations. We tend to keep on the good side and help people always.

Killer, this game is very fast and big. Tons of conversations & relationships! How did you manage to create such amazing world!

Alice is my favorite char. So is lovely and warm heart!

amazing game (tons of content) many characters and relationships! 🔥

very nice concept, we want MOAR! Survival , plus zombies plus 18+ adult game + dark atmosphere (we love it)

this game has such great potencial, we wish it could be bigger in the future with even more content.

yes! nice concept in game (we want MOAR!) 

Many characters & lots of relationship! (very fun to play)

this game scored 09/10 points!

many characters & mysteries (nice visual novel)

we want MOAR! 🐱

we loved in-game artwork! 🍷🍹

any chance of a steam version soon ? 🔩

Lots of characters and many relationships! We like visual novels just like that and within secrets! 🍷🍹

this game deserves a special comicbook collectors edition! ♥️

amazing game! we're waiting for a special sequel! ♥️

this game is very fun to play!  good 18+ adult game! ♥️♥️♥️

is it working pressing ALT+Enter to force windowed mode gameplay ? 🐺

this game is savage. dark atmosphere. for mature 18+ audience indeed. 😈

amazing art style. perfect night game ♥️

we loved the arkwork ♥️

Please make a Demo version 🤙

one of best 18+ adult game category in all library 🍷🍹

great game, it deserves a special sequel ♥️

we love it 😉😀

18+ sci fi adult games are the best!😉😀

Very good game! Many quality scenes & relationships. 😉😀

Amazing game. we hope for even more new content in the future or sequel.

very interesting game and concept! it is like a film.

Vampires and Occultism in a 18+ adult game. We love it

One of the Best game ever. 18+ adult game with sci fi, perversion & cuckold fantasies. We want it darker.

improving A.I in-game is very interesting. voiced characters adds quality into the game. Very promising!

many characters! we love it! This game is very creative, talented usage of DAZ studio features. Very fun to play: 10/10 score points!

Amazing Game, many quality scenes and relationships.

can we install 0.18 inside 0.14 installed folder later on ?

good elements in the game. many well-made scenes. Lots of characters and relationships.

excellent game, many well-made scenes

some consideration selling also on steam later on ?