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Omg I've wanted this game for months and months and got lucky enough to get it in the bundle. I'm really happy that I caught on to what was happening early on, since I can relate a lot ;P What a great game-- but oh god it's 4am now because I played it in one shot lmao 

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. I read every single thing, so much of it was spot on, educational, or just... I dunno, real? (And omg fuckbois dating apps made me laugh and cry a little) Also I super appreciated being able to scroll up or down in the credits. A+ feature.

I really loved this... It wasn't what I was expecting, tho lol. When the description says "when your loved one hurts you" I was anticipating more interpersonal conflict and less navigating grief. Still, very important work and I loved going thru it. <3 Bless more lgbtq content!

Also, lmao, August reminds me of my partner and May reminds me of me and now I need to go schedule that doctors appointment I keep promising to set up //guilt

One of my best friends is a mortician, and I was really happy (and sometimes frustrated) with how on the nose this game was. Chad is a dick. (Don't think I didn't notice his use of Charlotte instead of Charlie) -- but it's very accurate, from what I understand, of the industry. I truly enjoyed reading the newsletters and learning more about his job and about grief and death in general.

I saved a screenshot of the unclaimed gentleman's funeral-- one of my clients passed away and remained unclaimed, but I could never take the ashes myself because his next of kin stopped speaking with the coroner. I never got to say goodbye because of that, as I understand it (and as my friend has checked in on a couple of times) he continues to sit on a shelf until the appropriate amount of time passes for the home to scatter his ashes. Getting to attend that funeral in game meant a lot to me, so thank you. (and fuck you Chad for calling him a cadaver >:0)

I also appreciate the respect to allow people to choose whether or not they want to handle the case involving (tw) suicide. I appreciate the game developers respect and consideration to their players.

TLDR: this is wonderful game, finished it in a couple of hours and kept trying to not liveblog what was going on to my friends but it was impossible not to.