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I can't move. Clicked on all keys on my keyboard and I can't move. Help

Pressing X in the 7th level did not work so I couldn't play it 


At the end, the game just. . . well. . . it's kind of complicated.

I want the full version pls. I loved that.

2 videos, 2 endings.

The game had an interesting story and the sound effects made the game more creepy. The concept of the game was amazing!

That was cool. The sound effects in the house made the game better.

Fun game overall but a little too much of walking around.

Did a video on the game (No commentary)

It had a creepy vibe and the concept of an underwater drone was very nice. Good Job!

I also tried to scan everything.

That was fun to play! It was a little short tho. 

I will retry the Flesh Monolith, because I had the first version and killed him one shot.

This was a cool experience.

Just found the 'Bye' ending but it was fun... and creepy...

Where's My Kid Show ?!

Cool Creepy Game :)

Its A No Commentary But It Got Me and The Game Was Funny. 

Cool Game :)

That was Scary

Cool Little Creepy Game

My playthrough for this game ( Side-Quest Not Completed )


:) Creepy Game !

It Was Fun. Not too Creepy for me but Its A Great Game.

Good Game. The style is cool and the end is...                    special

One Of My Favorite Game!

Cool but short

Im Sleepy

I decided to post a video on this game.  Dont tell me why...

Good game. It is cool for a game made in 48 hours

creepy... Very Creepy...