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Nice challenge. The two last levels are hard, it would be funnier if there was more hard level/concept, but I had fun

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nice remix of an old game. did 78.

I finished the game. Graphics are ok. I spend 2 game trying to steal the bed in the house of the crow that sometimes one shot you before finding there was some beds at the second stair of a random house.

because of the optimisation made for the web version objects often appear after your cube when you fall at high speed, so it's kind of hard to add that. But if you encounter an infinite fall for now you can just press P to pause the game and click restart level.

Link added!

also I think I'll add a fall limit so if you fall for too long the game make you restart. Cauz finding all infinite fall (particularly in weird zone) is a bit annoying to test :/

This is cool.

I got 9360 btw. But highscore don't remain. I didn't get the pattern of enemies, But the fiend is clearly the worst, it go so fast.

Also is it normal that some textures like enemies are blurred?

Well, I just find out three month after your post that you're OmegaFalcon XD

No problem, I like to make video and the game is fun :)

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Nice game for a first completed game it's very nice. I made a gameplay video where I added my advice at the end (around 7:00). Also my highscore is 5660 in hard mode.

PS: I forgot to say it in the video but nice little shader ;)

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I'm happy you enjoyed the game!

I know the ship isn't perfect, actually a lot of people say me that. I will do a second version with 3 more levels, ball, speed change, and improved ship soon (I say soon but in fact not cause I'm on another project for now)

Strange concept of game, I love it. Everything is perfect.

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Nice game I like it. And the music. BUT I found a way to have an infinite score...
edit --> I just found that somebody already say that in the comment...
edit 2 --> I got 17133! I will try to make it again while recording...