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4 years later and I'm living in a dorm. How ironic.

Positively scrumptious, I daresay! 

The visual aspects (the character artwork, backgrounds etc.) looked nice and nothing was truly out of place. The dialogue is wack in a very positive way and, obviously, the voice acting stole the show.  I like that there are multiple, plausible endings that all make sense in some way or another. I am, however, confused about the time this was set in? I didn't like that aspect very much. As for the characters themselves, Miss Fortune was definitely the one most fleshed out and most interesting. All in all, it was a very interesting murder mystery game and I would recommend to people who like these whodunnits.

Ah yes, the greatest piece of literature ever written... My Immortal. I died when that was brought up. Played this with a friend and I have to admit, that it's the intended way of playing this visual novel. Funny and quick with lots of fourth-wall breaking and references.

Sweet and short, just what I needed. I really enjoy the art  style. If I'm correct to assume, the backgrounds are original and done in the same style which was a nice thing to see (considering that most VNs nowadays have some generic bgs created probably in Photoshop). 

WHy must you make such amazing games? I thoroughly enjoyed this one, even with less choices and all that. The music and artwork are on point again. I enjoyed the ending, it's not the classic ending, but I still found it to be a happy one. Love the story and the characters and can't wait to see more of your work!

This has been on my list forEVER and I've just now played it. Oh my god, why have I waited so long??? Probably because I knew this was going to be amazing. 

First of all, I'd like to say your art style is super cute and fluffy. The whole story was fun and lighthearted and even inspirational in some parts. I've played through all the routes and of course, Yvin was my absolute favorite character - witty puns with sassy deliveries is, apparently, all it takes to make me gush over someone. To be quite honest, I prefered Florien over Anton for some reason and I know I'm in minority here.  Also! All the extra stuff at the end is pure gold, I swear. (Does the king have a tattoo?)

I'm super interested in playing your other games, good job on this one!

What a funny little game about revenge and ripped boyfriends who don't deserve you! It's hilarious and Dr Frank's character is such a unique one. I loved the little quirks in the dialogue (change of font size etc). I also like the feature of customizing the Frankenboyfriend. And the little backstories for characters is a nice touch. I'll be sure to play the other games as well!

Super creepy and wonderful! Beautiful artwork.

So fun and quick to play and aw, the ending surprised me. Really sweet!

Interesting game with a fun little plot twist. Would have liked it better if it was a tiny bit longer.

Very cute and short! 

Mysteries? PI? Women? I admit, I was hooked immediately. Even the name of the game is amazing. To start off, I'm impressed by the work put into this. It's extremely fun, the artwork is elegant and bold. I liked the short mysteries and how everyone's story tied together at the end. My personal favorite was Cassandra's route. And yeah, bits and pieces are predictable and it is on the short side, but it's totally worth playing through! 

The first case of Dr Darley was fun and all, but this one blew me away. I laughed out loud so many times, I've stopped counting. I managed to read it all in one sitting (took about 3 hours, though).

Firstly, the artwork is so zany and simply captures the essence of the characters. I liked that everyone had at least some backstory. Secondly, I loved the mystery in this one better than the previous, probably because it was longer & more developed. Buuut, the best thing is probably the corny jokes and just humorous dialogue. Really fun and easy to read. Can't wait for more of Dr Darley's strange cases :D

Ahhh, I finished this sooner than I thought! Really nice game. I loved the whole interface design and the blogs were a really nice touch. The story is interesting because I somehow relate to these characters even though I don't live in Hong Kong. I would like to add that I love the soundtrack, it's just my kind of music. Good job! :)

A very amusing game! Had a lot of laughs when I read the part about Linus and his right hand activity :') Your art style is really quirky and fun, the story itself really imaginative and interesting. I loved the writing style, as well. Would like to find out about more of Dr Darley's cases!

The ending tho. I'm going to start by saying the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! Amazing artwork, amazing style and honestly the music makes it even more enjoyable. And oh my god, the story is wonderful and sad. One of the best dialogues I've read in games, cute and funny with a touch of nostalgia. I like the overall message at the ending! Hope I see more of your work.

I admit, the peculiar and charming artwork drew me in almost immediately. The background music is really nice and calming. I would've loved if it was just a bit longer so I can find out if she remembered. All in all, an enchanting playthrough.

DAAW. This was extremely cute! I did all the routes and I'd say my favorite was Roswell's cos he's a blushing cutie that swears. Adel's route was nice and I relate to her on some level (the anxiety around people). Haven is a sweetheart. And I have to say Captain DeWilde is an amazing side character as well. Quite short, though! But all in all, lovely artsy, cutesy game :)

This was a cute and funny, little visual novel :) Lovely artwork as well! Fun to play through.

What a chilling and intense game! It was so hard to make a choice between losing an ear or an eye and all that. I replayed all the different endings and it was really cool too see how the story went :)

It's a lovely game, very interesting and pretty. I got the 'A strange world' ending and it's quite sweet.

Very cute and interesting! I liked all the dog puns :D

Cute artwork, kind of sad and melancholic :)

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A really interesting premise for a game! But I would've liked to see more plot twists, generally more plot haha :) And also, very cute character design.

So quirky and fun to play! Each character has a different personality. I like the fact that couples are randomly chosen, but at the same time each story makes sense in a way. Such a cute art style. It's such an odd game that's refreshing to play.

Amazing game! I was expecting a typical Cinderella story and a typical fairytale ending. But, oh boy, what a twist! I really enjoyed the artwork and the design is neat as well. Good job :D

Really creepy, but I enjoyed it. The doll that appears seems badass. But it ended almost abruptly, I would have liked to know what happened to Haruka.

So relatable! I always imagine myself in the worst scenarios ever. I too question almost all of my decisions and steps. Can't imagine myself living in such a public place as a dorm.. Quirky, cute artwork and display! Samantha, my girl, I feel ya!

I was immediately drawn to this game because of its artwork. It's different and exotic. But the story was short as I played through different endings. To be honest, the game didn't do much for me.

This visual novel kind of made me think about my friends and life in general. While on the short side, the visual is very cool and enjoyable. I love the background and the simplicity of the chat room. It would be nice if the characters had more depth :)

This game is very cute and simple. I like that it's short and that it has elements of Slavic mythology (since I'm a big fan of any kind of mythology). I love the character artwork, it's very different and pretty.

The depth of this game really stuck to me. It's really strange how a person like David can, in a way, sympathize (I'm not sure that's the right word) with a serial killer. This game has a really interesting premise. The twist wasn't that obvious, but I think I had sort of a feeling what it might be.

All in all, I enjoyed it :)

I am one of those people who enjoy the use of bad puns anywhere and everywhere. I couldn't stop laughing because this game is so ridiculous, but at the same time it has a deeper meaning (at least I think it does).

Aww, such a shame it's short. But I like it nonetheless. The graphics are amazing!

This game is simply wonderful! I love the whole fairy tale theme. I admit, the artwork was what piqued my interest first. The characters are well-developed as well as the story itself. It was short, but very enjoyable.

This game made me laugh and reminisce and made me feel things that I shouldn't be feeling. Honestly, I felt like I was really talking to my friends because of all the puns, internet slang and everything. (We do that sometimes. All the time.)

So, yes. This game is brilliant and really speaks to me.