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Thanks for the feedback! I'm trying to correct the bugs you pointed out. I'm glad you liked the story, it was what I most focused on 😊

Thanks for playing 😊

Thanks for making the effort to complete it! I will certainly give it images, as soon as I get some time to make them 😅

Nice tower defense game, I got to the 2nd yellow orb level, the tower mechanics and the particles upon the enemy destruction were satisfying! Good job on your first game, keep it up!

Good idea with shuffling the numbers and letters! Fun game.

Challenging gameplay, it makes you think outside the box to win.

Nice idea with the laser, good job on your first game! It does need some balance on the higher levels, as many high-level enemies come at once and there is no time to kill them all before they attack.

I have it in mind, this next button has to be corrected. Do you think the jumpscare sound was too loud? Or was it just the volume?

Nice game, it was engaging. I would be looking forward to more levels.

The film grain post processing filter looks awesome in this game! Nice art, the movement control feels smooth. The text saying "You missed the jump :(" was cute too 😅

The film grain post processing filter looks awesome in this game! Nice art, the movement control feels smooth. The text saying "You missed the jump :(" was cute too 😅

Cuteness overdose 😍 Beautiful game, very relaxing. It looks easy in the beginning but turns out to be challenging as time goes by. Good job with the difficulty system!

Awesome visuals, looks very interesting!

Very interesting concept, nice puzzle game!

Nice pixel art, unexpected ending! 😄

Awesome art and music. The idea of strengthening the attack in 10 seconds is nice, maybe make the attack be powered by the keyboard and not mouse clicks? Then you can make the pace of the game faster, or maybe I am just a bigger fan of the keyboard than the mouse 😅

Nice aesthetics! This is a warning to anyone who would build a colony in an asteroid field 😓

Such a cute bomb, nice use of the limitation! It's a nice touch that the beat gets faster as you near the end of the countdown. Maybe add a restart level button?

Heehee I'm glad I got the emotion across, but I get you 😅

It is quite nerve racking to wait for the bomb shooting mechanism to recharge while the aliens come at you constantly. Nice art though!

As I write in the description as well, it is a text adventure, visuals are still a WIP. Not much can be done in 3 days.

This is a project that I plan to ultimately complete to its full extent, complete with artwork and original music. If you are interested to see how it evolves, make sure to add it to your collection! I am keeping a devlog too.

You literally took the only happy-ending story path, you were lucky 😋

Writing the story and figuring out how to set up the visual novel took me most of the jam time, so sadly no pictures yet... I will upload as many as I manage to make till the end of the voting period!

Hi, I'm glad you liked the story and music, and thanks for the feedback!

I will certainly keep the UI bug feedback in mind and try to fix the game within the jam voting period. 

Accessing a story line at will is an awesome idea, it does look complicated, but I will look into it! 

You can choose to show the text all at once by going to Main Menu -> Options -> Check the Instant text toggle. Just make sure to save your progress before you leave to the Main menu, otherwise it will be lost (it is like exiting the story). I like to see the whole text before reading too 😊

The hands at the bottom are indeed creepy 💀 funny game and great mechanic!

Very eye-catching animation and screen shake! Nice game!

Has a great appearance, cool concept!

Awesome concept and it has a nice feeling, good job!

Very enjoyable game, nice graphics and music! 

Nice idea and cute graphics! I also fell down after having climbed the ladder, but overall an interesting game!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! 😊

Hello, can we submit a game that is still in the prototype stage? By that I mean playable but not completely finished.

Thanks for the feedback! The Zen mode has no enemies, so it's more relaxing, maybe you will like it more 😊

I thought about adding a time counter, but it seemed to me that it would take away from the peaceful feeling and make it rushed...

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it 😊

I'm glad you liked it 😊  I added a tutorial screen at the beginning, thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks for playing! That's the look I was going for 😄

me too

Thanks! Maybe you had clicked outside of the window? If you click the game again the keys work. Pressing the keys removes the broken/faulty items from the lanes.

Nice game, I liked the music a lot. I think the colliders for the spikes are a bit bigger than their image.

The trampoline jump had a nice feel to it too.

I liked the thoughts mechanic and it was intriguing, right between being too easy and too hard to find the way. Pity he couldn't drink the coffee...