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Hi! I sent you a discord request, if you'd like to join :) 

Hello, I have read your post and while your game looks interesting, I would like to work on a Metroidvania for now. Thank you for your interest though! Best of luck for your game!

Hi, I am looking to create or join a team for a metroidvania indie game! I have already made some games in Unity, but would like to work on a larger-scale project (my projects so far took me at most a week). In my games I created the code, handmade art and music, what I would like to work most on though is the programming. 

I would be more willing to establish a collaboration that extends beyond the game, a partner/group for more future games too. 

For the moment, I am not doing this for payment and wish only to improve my skills, use my creativity and have fun!


Thank you, happy new Year ^^

Thank you for listening! I'm glad you liked it ^^ 

I love the feeling these songs give you... They make your hair stand on end sometimes, but then they are almost sweet too... I would also play the game they would be in!

Moody, atmospheric and a bit creepy too! I guess it would be awesome for a cutscene in a game. 

Awesome melody! It feels optimistic for me too ^^ 

Hello all,

My dream for 2022 is to make a kinda rich Metroidvania (my idol is Hollow Knight), however I don't even know where to start!

Does anyone have any tips to share?

Merry Christmas ❤

Indie 2D Puzzle Sidescroller!

We had guests in the house the past 2 days but I submitted in time. Thank you for the reply!

Hi! Are late submissions allowed? 

Nice game! Love the artstyle!

Very nice puzzle, nice art and audio! Satisfying to play.

Me too, I guess it must be very fun if you know how to play bridge.

Cute game, I also loved the combination of snake with hangman. And some limitation on the wrong letters can make it more lively, as right now you can just go through all the letters until the word is formed. 

The music is calming, a game that's perfect after work... It's also nice that the words come randomly every round without any menu in between, you just keep playing... Keep it up!

Her comments are......

Very fun game!

I agree with Ratainen. Also the first time I played the game it bugged and made the player disappear. Still, it has a nice movement through the dungeon and is fun. Keep it up!

I'm glad you liked it! Maybe some levels should have been more forgiving 😅

Thanks for the feedback! I thought some levels were difficult too, I consciously tried to make it harder towards the end

It took me some time to realize how it's played, but when I did it was so pleasant to navigate through the rooms and search for the interactions! Honestly, I think even without action it would be interesting to make it a puzzle game. And the characters are adorable ^^ Keep it up!!

If we use the particle effect system from Unity without random spawn of the particles is it okay?

I do not know how Unity calculates the other parameters for the particle spread (Loop, Ping-Pong), does it use RNG? 

How do you mean that? So the player enters the random numbers?

I am also interested in finding a team

Thank you very much! I think the last option is perfect for me 😊

Hi, I was thinking of taking part in this year's Winter VN Jam and was looking at old entries to get an idea... This game is really fun at times, captivates the attention without being at all tiring, like it's very light, truly entertaining! Such a nice cozy wintery idea! Hope we see more from you in this year's jam! Greetings


Due to this still being a game jam, I would like to ask, whether a text-written story without a game/graphics presenting it or with just some imaging spread in the text (like in a book with images) would be allowed? 

On the other hand, if the story is presented in a game, must it interact with the player? Is it ok if it is merely a visual presentation of the story? 

I am sorry if the questions seem strange, I am new to the genre of visual novels and story-based games.

Very nice artwork!!

Very atmospheric, makes you play for a long time... The sounds are very nice too! Nice game!

Very smooth movement too

Nice idea, the sounds and music were very satisfying!

The fellow running around is so cute! Nice game idea!

Very funny,  awesome game!

Indeed a lot of poops XD 

Nice game!

The character animation is so sweet! Beautiful game! Keep it up!