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Recently I posted a small 8-10 page comic named "Protect the Atlas"

that you can see  either here on itch or start reading here on DA !

here's a page sample:

It didn't get that many views and one download, so I wasn't able to get any feedback.

But I was hoping someone could have a look and share their thoughts :D  I wanna keep working on the comic but I wanted to know what more could be fixed.

you can use the Blender addon Animall to make simple animations like water flow. There are a couple youtube tutorials online for simple animations, although this method requires quite some tweaking in the graph editor to set it to "linear".

you could also set the tweening to "constant" instead of "linear" and make it sudden, for stuff like blinking lights or opening/closing mouths.

Thank you for considering! I understand coming up with a concept is way easier than its execution.

Indeed, being able to edit it in blender would reduce the back-and-forth between blender and the art software.

Hi! I'd like to post a couple suggestions and one question:

Paint selected meshes

Sometimes I plan to paint a pattern or group of individual tiles (like a face for example) in an irregular mesh that contains several bits I have to paint one by one. I think it would be faster if I could select several meshes and fill them with that pattern.

Texture-painting over the image

I understand  Sprytile is mainly pixel-art-based and how the software uses its textures by assigning the mesh to its respective tile, therefore it's inevitable that painting over the tile changes all tiles. However I like using Sprytile as a base for my textures and would love a shortcut for implementing a second layer of textures so I could draw more in detail over the texture.

High-res image painting

Again, yes it's pixel-based. but this kind of texture-painting would be great to use when painting textures on a different piece of software, then directly applying the texture onto the model.

 In my opinion, these last three would be of tremendous help both in tileset and non-tileset texture painting. Thank you very much for reading, I use the software all the time!