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Ferociter with a fishing game?! Count me in! Great game, as always. 

Yay found the secret room. It is scary! Thank you, Ferociter!

Yes there is. The true ending took me 4x as long to finish compared to the normal ending.

Whew finally beat the true ending. The Abyssal Fungus is gone!!! Another amazing game. Bravo once again, Ferociter. 

Loads of fun. Thank you! Is there any significance to that tile in the upper right corner in room F7? I went exploring there, but did not see anything. I know you enjoy adding secrets to your game. I will continue to hunt for the one in this game! (I never found the secret in Tower of the Scorched Sea, sadly!)

This was the last game of yours I had not played! But man, I wish I played it sooner. Lots of fun and a huge challenge! I finally had to look up a guide for the last couple of levels in the third world, tower. It was not until after I finished watching the guide did I realize it was made by you--thank you! Wonderful game as usual. I love when you incorporate a fun story dialogue. I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy your creativity with the secret rooms etc in the other games!

Amazing. Beating this a few times and exploring the nooks and crannies of the pyramid inspired me to replay your other games again--so much fun! I know you often add small easter eggs and secret rooms in your games. Are there any in this one? I have not been able to find one :) Thank you, Ferociter!