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Quick update new devlog coming out tomorrow, some awesome AI news as well as new game play features. Still not sure if I should include weapons or not.

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Fia thanks for trying it out sorry it didn't run so great. Looking at the video I think I know what the issue was and why the door didn't open all the way. I'm 99% sure it was a timeline shortcut I used (damn game jams :) ), I do have a few bug fixes coming in the next week or so for it.  I'll add the timeline fix to my todo list. 

Long story short the timeline runs off of the current game FPS I set it to try to lock to 60fps and I just tested it on my work laptop (its running a i5 with intel graphics) and the same bug happened once it dropped under 30 FPS. 

Thank you for playing! I do have a fully flushed out version in the works and no race against the clock so it will be in a better working order. I hope to release a "teaser" level soon for some early feedback, hope you can play it also, and thank you once again!

Thank you!

Wow , I absolutely loved it. I don't think I've ever been so immersed in a game before. It hit the feeling perfectly, art was amazing, everything just felt very real. Amazing that's all I really have to say.

Nice job! I can see someone likes to play RE also :), Overall I had a fun time playing it! Looking forward to more.

Dude that was fun! 10/10 F*** Slenderman, Slonderman is where its at :)

I'll download it now :)

Awesome! I'll check it out once you have the new upload.

Hey just a heads up looks like its missing UnityPlayer.dll

That would awesome if you could post it in the comment section :), also I'm glad you enjoyed it over all and I agree the more we can help each other out the better. Thank you, and who know I might need some "special guests" in the longer version if your interested :)

Did you manage to get the keycard (the pink thing in the room) once you have that and the monsters are dead the door should open once you walk up to it. I'll be updating the game with a few patches once the voting period for the game jam is done. Thank you for playing and let me know if you find any other bugs :)

That was fun, love the voices and the atmosphere! 

That was fun! 

Are you planning on expanding the story in the future?

Took me a min to figure out X was to shoot but overall it was a lot of fun!

Wow I really enjoyed that! As Asephy said its really immersive. Amazing job! 

lol loved the video! Also I just hit that sub button 😉 . glad you enjoyed it and sorry about the screaming. Hope Zak Bagan plays this one day!

I'm aware, just doing a place holder page :) I have to say this has been the most fun I had on a Jam so far, the other devs are awesome and cant wait to play all the games!

Hello everybody my name is Chris I'm actually working on what seems to be a doom clone it started off originally as a Resident Evil 7 style game but yet that quickly changed. 

Thanks for playing! I just subbed :)

Lol thank you! I'm currently working on another Horror game jam game I hope you can check out. 

Thank you! Also love the fact you got the Zak Baggins reference! 

Lol glad you enjoyed it.... Robot ghost hunters! That would make an awesome game! So the mannequin at the time where supposed to be place holders until I got better models done but the Game Jam was just about to end (I think it had like 54 mins left) so I had to pull the trigger. Also I just subscribed! 

Thanks and will do. So side note this game was up together in about 4 days, the one thing I learned was eye candy after debugging lol

Wow I completely forgot about this project all together! Hey sorry about the bugs I got busy after the game jam and never got around to fixing them. Long story short a lot of the triggering effects got broken after I did the C++ code to blueprint for faster editing and then cooked all the files into a PAK file to save space, it worked on the dev PC (only PC I tested this game on) but didn’t work on any other. So currently I’m re-downloading the version of Unreal Engine I used for this project to repack the game. I’ll also put up a OSX version of it later today. Honestly, I never thought anyone found find and play this. I’ll get this all fixed up!

Thank you I'm happy you enjoyed the story! I'll be doing a update to the game soon for some better AI navigation, I'll change up the font also I was worried it might be hard to read. Who knows the story might be expanded on 😉

To save as much time/performance I ended up using a "Simple Move To" it was definitely a bad choice just because Navigation would not update in real time and gets a little sloppy. I'll keep the source code who knows I might revisit the concept :)

That would be an awesome idea! It would also make a fun team project if anyone would like to team up. 

Being a Shop Owner that sells to the hero, I feel like that would be a awesome game! 

That was a lot of fun! Cool idea and I like the art style!