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i love this game, especially the way the mc reacts to liev making scary faces. its too real like fr what DID i just see.

how you made all everything except for audio is actually amazing to me the artstyle here is adorable... i love mycheal..

i am beyond help :(

vance my little meow meow.... you made this game so sweet!!! i loved the nightmare parts; they actually got a jump out of me :3 looking forward to any other updates, whenever they happen to come out <3

I absolutely LOVED this game!!! Everything felt perfect to me! I loved all the characters and their personalities, even if things were a little rushed! yanderes in my favorite visual novels? more likely than you think.  I also feel like the horror was much more real because of the tension you built in the text! I'm really looking forward to the October update you have planned :0 Thank you so much for making such a fun game :)