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nice game


it doesnt work on my browser :(

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hey,  thanks for the reply!
personally i think that IJKL is great,I dont have any friends so i played against myself and using IJKL was confortable, it's basically a mirrored WASD, Which is perfect .

edit: arrow keys might also be a good idea.

nice game.
interesting idea for a game and enyojed playing it!
but at the start the game is hard, controls are complicated, first instinct was to use WASD, was hard to use ESDF.

great game!
loved the music and graphics!
had some problems with jumping tho

great game!
really enjoyed playing it!
it would be better if it had background music and/or sound effects!

I'm not an epic gamer so it was hard for me to get a high score :(
you could maybe make the pigs slower or implement a difficulty system.

but it's a great game, loved the simple graphics!