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Hi StarBroccoli! YES :) School is hectic but we are working on it!

Not a problem! Hope you enjoy the game :)

Hey!! Sorry to hear that, what computer do you have? We just tried downloading and opening it on the itch app for the Mac and it worked, so let us know what your set-up is! :)

Thank you Pixel Pirates for playing our game! That's so nice to hear, thank you :) It was fun watching your video!

Thank you Simtasia for playing our game! Not a problem, it's so cool to see that you made a gameplay video of our little game :) Thumbs up from us! 

Hi MusicGamingMore, gotcha! We'll be uploading our latest version today, and I believe we have fixed the error. Thank you for your patience, and for letting us know! :)

Hi kazoo.kay, thanks for letting us know! We will be uploading our latest version today. Hopefully it will work by then! We're so glad to hear what you thought about our game :) 

Sure thing! Our email is

Hello Pinkerator! We are expecting to release the final version in June 2017. Our game will be featured at our university's showcase on June 3rd, so you can bet that we'll be fine-tuning as we get close to the date! Thanks for checking in on our demo, and please let us know if you have any more questions :)