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Short but effective. Thanks for sharing!

This game freaked me out because I had no idea what was going on. I still have no idea what was going. Would recommend. Thanks for sharing!

Well that was quite the experience! My biggest suggestion would be to either not pitch down the voices so much or at least add some subtitles. It was really hard to understand what anybody was saying.

That last puzzle was a real doozy! lol

Thanks for sharing. :)

This was awesome! Very atmospheric and I loved the twist at the end.

This was a super cute little game. Love that the dog is looking out for his family even in death. <3

Why did it have to be spiders? lol

That stalker dude can move! I enjoyed that a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing! Not a lot of gameplay besides standing around but some great atmosphere.

The first chunk was a bit of a slow burn with some more standing around than I'd typically like. But I think that just makes the last chunk once the killer appears hit that much harder. I very much enjoyed the experience! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for playing!

I loved this! The second half was super stressful trying to repair the drill before security showed up.

I like it. Thanks for sharing!

Got me good quite a few times! The camera shake was a little too much in my opinion but I otherwise loved every minute of this. Thanks for sharing!

This was a weird but enjoyable experience. Thank you for sharing!

I had a lot of fun with this! Would have liked to see a little more enemy variety and/or some different themes as you descend into hell.

Thanks for sharing!

That last level was a doozie lol

This was a super fun little Metroidvania. Thanks for sharing!

I freaking love this. 

I like it! Got a little confused where the beeping was coming from. lol

Creepy and cute!

Nice short, atmospheric experience. Thanks for sharing!

Weird little game. I'd definitely recommend turning down that default mouse sensitivity. lol

Thanks for sharing!

Creepy game with some good atmosphere and some nice scares!

Thanks for sharing.

Great atmosphere.

10/10 absolutely no snakes 

The scare in the basement got me good. lol

Very stylish and very odd. Loved the monster and world designs. I maybe would have toned down the head bob/head tilt a little bit.

This is an insanely fun game and my kids couldn't stop laughing as I kicked door after door.

Simple and spooky. Great work!

Nice and atmospheric. An excellent first horror game and I can't wait to play more!

Great experience. Loved some of the camera shots. 

Well that was unsettling.

Holy moly that was great! I got major Silent Hill 4 vibes from the visuals. I did have some trouble with the subway puzzle but once I got out of there everything was intuitive but not too easy. The combat could also do with a bit of tweaking.  

Very much looking forward to the full release!

The key randomly spawns in one of a few locations. I think the pile of clothes that it can spawn in is a little obscure so maybe it was in there?

I liked it. Thanks for sharing!

I had some trouble understanding what I was doing in the last section (and cut out a lot of running in circles lol) but it was an enjoyable sometimes tense experience. Thanks for sharing!

I got quite the scare at the first jump scare. Great atmosphere and a fun little scary experience.

Understandable that it didn't click with you! No hard feelings and we definitely appreciate any and all constructive feedback.

The ending was a result of the game jam theme (April Fools) and we knew it wasn't going to work for everyone. Our big focus on the game was seeing if we could create a creepy atmosphere and it sounds like we at least delivered that. We're currently in the pre-production stages of a longer more serious horror game and maybe you'll like that one a little more.

Thanks for playing! :)

This game is so fun!