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What are the controls for movement?

Ridiculously addictive game that makes me rage but want to complete. 10/10 new music genre to jam to.

Just wish there was a save function so that I could continue from where I last played though.

Really loved the word puzzle aspect of it!

Pretty happy for a first time run :D

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The double meaning to the Jack and Ulna experiment... needed a second read to catch that! I really loved the visuals of the creatures, wished we could see some animations of the flesh-flowers. 

 Will there ever be a sequel?

PS. I think the examination phase is a little buggy, some documents stay on the screen when navigating text and there's a bit of rewinding here and there when I press Enter to advance.

How to I enable keyboard controls? Only x button works

Really enjoyed the game! Just wish it was possible to save and resume the last level played tho.