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Can you update the PDF to the last version.

Best regards and happy new year.

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No news yet ?

If you are not interested anymore in working in this project, maybe you can open the source (github and co).


Thank you for your quick answer.

I will wait the good news ^^.

Best regards,


The video link do not work anymore on the website.

The game stay in "Connecting" mode. Is the game dead ?

Just intall the client and install the game from the client.

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Bought the game yesterday on

I have taken the game on with an upper price because I don't like steam, but the game have lower content there. There are no pets... Do you think normal to pay an upper price for a Italian pizza and have less things on it (for the same quality) ?

Some suggestions for game fluidity and reaction :

Can you add a shortcut for task panel ?   The F key will be pretty good (work for qwerty and azerty).

As Impostor, the E key open the sabotage panel, but we can't close it with the same key. The Tab key for opening the map can be used to close the map too. We need the same things for the E key. (maybe it's a bug ???) Same for the "Admin" panel (and others ?)

Miss the classic shortcut for the game menu : Esc. All the games use the Escape key to open game or settings menu, why not Among Us ?!

In azerty keyboard, the keys are zqsd instead of wasd. There is only two keys pairs who are switched : A <-> Q and W <-> Z. Can you add a checkbox in the settings panel to switch these keys ? With this option, the game will become playable with azerty keyboard. The keycodes to switch are 38 <-> 24 and 25 <-> 52.

If you need french translation, I can help with that :). For the translation price, I want all unlocked :p

P.S. you need a discord server to help bugs reports and beta testing reports.

Best regards,