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lmaoo mee

omg same i think it happens after the scene with the dead body and how u react to that gives u an unsteady relationship bc thats what happened to me :( hopefully we can fix the relationship in later chapters 

just read this and its soo good omg cant wait for more of it <3 and to meet the rest of the ros

so so so well written and god this game was so enjoyable and the music was absolutely amazing!!!! i hope everyone gets a chance to play this because it's truly wonderful. thank you to everyone who worked on it

very beautiful game gosh it really got to me but i enjoyed it a lot!! i might even try and draw fanart of them bc i just adore the characters despite not knowing much but the little parts weve seen <33 

such a beautiful story and i enjoyed the ambience of the game! congrats on creating this wonderful piece and hope ur doing well <3