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heres what i made ! ^^

super cute btw ! 

lololol i use the name luciette and ash in like- every game i play cause theyre so uh- familiar? ive played the pretenders guild and loved the mc, even though im not much like them so thats why i use ash for some games. onto why i use luciette, yknow how the original name was lucette? yeah lmao idk how an i got in there, but i just used to name cause it sounded nice lmao. anyways, great game! i love rumpel and karma smxjasbkvs i genuinely though karma was a girl at first :p sorry this is so long

man i wish i could get the full game, but i loved the demo!

 HSKABDIABIS IMGAYFORMINSUJIBVSIBVI I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH I LOVE HOW CHAOTIC THIS IS anyways, this is one of the best games ive ever played! honestly at first, it seemed a bit boring to me and i didnt really like Akarsha, but turns out, it my favorite game and i love Akarsha too.