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Its either I'm not big enough of a FNF fan to enjoy this or I'm too big of a Beat the Boss fan to enjoy this.

Uh...I created 2 Dios.  I don't know how.

To me the scariest part is that you can clearly see her when you turn around.

This reminds me of almost every horror movie character ever to exist.


I'd say this is pretty good already.  The only thing I had a problem with is not being able to comment on the same thing twice.  Unless you can and I'm just not doing it right.

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When I broke the ball that made me back away from my computer lol

Edit: When she said to give her a big smile and then she said she can see me I had to look at my blinds.  One part of my blinds is broken.

Review: 11/10.  Bonus points for me not being able to sleep anymore.  Considering part of my blinds are broken AND my closet door doesn't close. :)

Oh yeah, there is a Base64 code and I decoded it.  This is what it says

Hello? Can you hear me? This is Daddy. They found me. They brought me back to HQ. They're going to kill me Ayumi. After all I've done to keep them away from you, it's only a matter of time. You must not trust anybody, do you understand? These people will do whatever it takes to trick you into believing what they want. You must fight for us both now.. You must stay strong. If anything goes wrong, remember the code Ayumi. Use it as a last resort. I love you so much..

Apparently that is only one of them.

Get better



Beautiful wife :)

I don't understand how to get the other endings.  I got the endings where you have the 2 choices of what to do.  When you go to the wonderland or run away.  I also got something that I think is an ending where I log out.  I think the other 2 have something to do with the games "Kit-O7" and "Lillypad" but they don't work.

I did that too.

I turned duck into apple

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I prefer this title screen music more than the current one.  Maybe you can add a key that changes the music.  In the current version of course.

I'm playing at 9:43 pm

I hate it... but I love it.

Imagine smoking when you can just eat macaroni uncooked with square cheese on top.

I played parappa 1 and 2 on the ps4.

Is that where my sock went?  On an adventure to find the other one?

A game I truly needed :)


Ah I see I need flash to play

I'm very confused

My Entire Experience

It said "Dear Alex" and since my name is Alex I was already scared.

Power went out so I quit.

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Is there anyway to save your account?

Wait... nevermind.

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I like it  <3

And Im not a simp

Good Game!  Can you make a crewmate version?

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This is the only version my school's chromebooks can handle.

Also, am I the only one who hears "My Facebook value."?

Also #2, Why is the mouse there?  It only works to let you actually play and put it in full screen.

Its creepy when its just you.

The only FNAF game I can play without getting scared and quitting when a single animatronic moves.