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This is a beautiful game,  I've wanted to play it for a bit I'm so glad I actually did. The characters were awesome and it got me thinking about gender in a way that I hadn't before. The ending was so touching, and even though the game was pretty short when the characters returned I was glad to see them again. 

I'm glad to be in a world where this game exists

Thank you! I hope you find lots of other good pirate content! :D

Haha nope! Just some swearing and a kiss

Ohoho good for you!!

Really fun! I loved the sale-sona

Really cool! I loved the maps and actually going around to the other islands, I just died a bunch. A save function would be neat!

You rock!

I had never heard of an interactive poem, and this was a great way to be introduced to it. Very cool, I'm definitely inspired!

I really liked this game. the concept and graphics especially! I also had a lot of trouble with level 16, but eventually I got through and completed everything.  Super cool!

No problem! Thank you for playing it! I'm glad you had as much fun playing as I did making it.

Thank you so much! Here's the walk through for how to get 21/21.


[[These are just the directions for when there are multiple options. When there's only one available option just click that one. The brackets mean you need to click something in the paragraph text]]

Knock lightly
"I'm looking for someone who knows about ghosts"
"Which ones do you know?"
"Do you always get so excited to talk about this stuff?"
You nod
You say nothing, just walk to the truck
You keep quiet
"I prefer Bon Jovi"
"Let's do it"
"I think there's something in your truck"
"Holy fuck," you grin
"I'd love to"
You lean forward

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you know Alpine! I grew up about a half hour from there actually

(10/22/18 8:28) fixed the issue ! thanks for telling me

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oh no yikes thats totally an error! I'll fix it right now!

(10/22/18 8:27) fixed! sorry about that