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I played this game and Cassie Ann, dear LORD does this game have so much potential. I don't even have a fear of spiders but the scenario it puts you in made me panic before I even got out of the office. Maybe I'm just a big baby but I thought it was very well done!

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Just played this game and Woven Shadows. Cassie Ann has a lot of potential to it, it got me pretty good at first when I didn't know the mechanics or where Cassie spawned. I'll definitely be playing it when it releases fully!

Definitely enjoyed this game! The first presentation of the "monster" where everything goes to hell really quickly gave me real nostalgia to Silent Hill. It was very well done!

Definitely enjoyed this one, it got me good a couple times! I can see where people who have arachnophobia would hate this game but lucky for me I don't. Either way the "sunflower room" did get intense at times. One thing I didn't like was the riddle but that's just because I'm a moron and couldn't solve it!

I enjoyed the second chapter much like I enjoyed the first! Definitely was nice having Scooby around as I searched through out the forest, was low key worried that he'd get captured again.

I always enjoy the games that you make Dave, this one is no different. In an odd way I actually kind of felt like I was trying to solve a mystery in the show. This is just Chapter 1 but I definitely will be playing Chapter 2 soon!

Game was weird and definitely had some good scares. I personally found the maze part more frustrating then the parkour part. I can see why people would be frustrated by both though. Other then that it was still a good game, I enjoy games that have a silly and harmless start but descend into madness.

I definitely enjoyed the game and want to see more when it comes out. Obviously it's just a demo and unpolished from the final product but it definitely has potential. I really liked the "peeking" feature that was in the game.

I enjoyed the game, it definitely had its scary moments. It got me pretty bad at one part (no spoilers). I definitely will be playing Plague after the quality of this game!

This experiment was very beneficial and I am glad I was one of the lucky test subjects to have also taken it. I thought I would go the extra mile and record my experiment for others to view so that they may come here to take it themselves. All joking aside, the game was really cool. More of a walking simulator with added effect but it was never going for a typical game feel so I enjoyed it!

Definitely a wild ride, so many odd twists and turns. So many weird endings and paths I could take. It was a really awesome game, dealt with some real heavy stuff towards the ending. No spoilers but I NEARLY got what I'd consider a "good ending". 

Funny and cool twist on a horror game! I think the graphics worked wonders to make it a lot more intense, there were a lot of moments where I kind of panicked because I couldn't see ANYTHING in the distance. Overall a really awesome game!

This game was amazing! There was so much creepy symbolism and the sound design was awesome as well. I always find that Japanese horror or things based off it are the scariest. This definitely got me good a couple times! 

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This game was awesome! The pacing was really well done, I didn't know what I should be afraid of until the final stretches of the game where it got really intense suddenly. Thoroughly enjoyed it!