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Apocalypse Theory

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No but he is entitled to his opinion, and the ability to voice it.

Playing with this actually inspired me to go back and start working on an old game idea I have had for a few years. 

awesome :D.

I am running a gaming PC with 64GB of RAM and 16 GB of Video Memory. Lets see if I can break it while I stream it on Twitch lol

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I saw your apology and that addressed my main concern.

Also I was not worried about people like myself, I can read and understand a disclaimer. However, many children are allowed unsupervised access to the internet and look for HTML5 games. So before the issue was fixed you could have had children who might not understand or care about that warning being exposed to such dark content.

I do not have a hard time distinguishing between fiction and reality at all. However, a basic psychology course will show you the reasons this type of game/thinking is an issue.

I had more here but decided to delete it as not to further the argument.

You and I have different opinions on the game and that is ok. While I may not agree with it or want to be subject to it those who do enjoy that type of game and want to go through it do have every right too

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My main objection is  when you fail to mark it as an Adult game so children looking for HTML5 games can find it on the front page and play it it is sick (Don't worry I contacted the mods who fixed that issue)

From the perspective of anyone who gets to the cat in the game that is the only purpose since you cannot move beyond that point.

If this were a game I would expect there to be additional/alternate routes that allow you to progress besides having to cut the cat up. If the cat is suppose to be you or not is not relevant, there is no branching bath or anything. It is a static narrative. 

I will say this honestly has nothing to do with being willing to sugar coat things. Usually the type of people willing to torture animals and children (even in video games) are sociopaths. Do you realize the reason it would piss 10 people off and 1 person would love it is that 1 in every 10 people are sociopaths. 

Being willing to torture another creature, which you have to do to move on as far as anyone can tell, is the mark of a sociopath. It is the type of behavior, dreams, and fantasy writings that are considered warning signs of people who are or will become very dangerous because of their mental instabilities. 

I honestly find this in poorer taste than Chiller lol.

I have to say something should be done about this

I was browsing the front page of the html5 games and came across this game called can-i which after about 2 minutes of game play basically devolves to torturing a cat with a Knife.

I know I would NEVER want my children to come across this type of game when they are looking for HTML5 games to play on the internet. 

I think games with content like that should be hidden away behind some sort of paywall where you have to verify your age in some way to access.

I can't think of many people who want their kids coming across games they can play in any web browser about torturing cats with knives. (Now that I can state how that game ends, once I accidently cut the cats ear off moving my mouse around to try to find out what to do I stopped playing) 

I thought the concept was neat until I got to the end and it seemed your only option is to just sit there torture a cat to death with a Knife, at least I am guessing that is what happens because upon picking up the knife if move it anywhere near the cat it cuts it.

I thought maybe I missed something so I went through it again with different responses... the question are always the same and just takes you back to torturing a cat with a knife...

I could not even call this an Arthouse Game.  An Art game implies it is interactive... I would argue this game is not interactive and only reactive. 

It only gives you one course and one path up to the choice to do nothing or kill the cat. 

The most I could call this is some sort of dark art project involving torturing animals.

This is not a game, it is a piece of propaganda designed to impress the creators own political views on people who play it. While the game design itself has a ton of potential until the author gets off his pulpit he is just going to alienate everyone who plays it based on his uninformed views of the world.