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Great concept and game! Loved the graphics and the objective. Always an avid follower of your games. Keep them coming. 

Great game guys keep up the amazing work

Great game as always.Keep the great work coming

Interesting idea. Really love the animation of the archer and king. Always a huge fan of your games. Keep them coming.

I really enjoyed playing this game.You guys did an amazing job. I haven't played a story based game in a long time and this one was great. The arc was really fun. Keep up the amazing work

Its a really fun game I loved playing it. Keep the great work coming. I love all your games

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Awesome game loved playing it. You guys make a great team can't wait for more games

No problem :) You have made an amazing game. You deserve all the praise 

I really enjoyed playing rock pit. It is highly addictive and very fun. Can't wait to see what else the creator has to offer.