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Hello to everyone reading this~ Just wanted to pop in and inform you that the game's development is going smoothly following the success of the Kickstarter! I'm very active on Twitter and in my Discord if you want to learn more💕

That's because this is a demo. They'll be in the full game when it comes out 😊

Might I ask what you mean by this? 🤔

Thank you! 💕

Thank you! There is futa x female content in the game ðŸ‘

Thank you so much! I'm glad you love it, and I'll work hard to make the full game live up to your expectations~ 💕

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Not currently, but it's planned for the full version! ðŸ˜Š

There will not be, sorry! Being a futanari is a fundamental part of the game and the main character. 🤔

Sorry you're having trouble! I would suggest talking to support about that, since I don't have any control over their download servers.

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Oops! Thank you so much for being interested in the campaign, though. If you'd still like to support, Patreon is an alternative! â¤ï¸

The game is currently under development and finishing up its funding campaign on Kickstarter. Future updates will be made public after first going through the alpha/beta stage on Patreon!

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The game will not be free upon release. I'm sorry to hear they don't accept your payment method, that's gotta be frustrating. Does Steam accept it? I do hope to release the full game on Steam as well. Either way I appreciate your willingness to support the game 💕

Hello lovelies~ I've uploaded an updated Mac build. If you were having trouble opening the previous one, please re-download it & try again! Thanks ðŸ’•

Hi everyone~ The next build (0.2a) is out! For now, it's Patron-exclusive, but there will be a release to the public in early August!

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Thanks! 💕

There will be a gallery included in a future build! 😉

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Just played the game for about 9 hours straight... and wanted to share my thoughts. I saw a lot of complaints and warnings about the game being "depressing"... it is. But here's why that shouldn't stop you from playing or buying it...

Many see video games as an escape, and "dating sims" as something heartfelt and wholesome. Some don't want to experience things that are upsetting or where there is no "happy end". 

But in life, happy endings are few and fragile, and people are cruel and unpredictable. Some people, as it happens, are headed for "bad endings", or hell bent on their own destruction. Cynical of me to say, maybe. The story this game tells is painful, and for the soft of heart, maybe unbearable. It takes your power away, as a player, because you think that you should be able to "rescue" the characters you are attached to, even though it's unrealistic. No one wants to stomach the ugliest and most unspeakable truth--salvation isn't granted to everyone, and some people you can't help at all.

Even so, it's so beautiful that you'd be making a mistake to pass it up. It takes a special author to write characters so poignantly and passionately real. Incredibly flawed, not heroes or villains. The whole cast is painted in deep grey colors, even the main character. It's almost magic, and I, as a writer, appreciate it all the more. Would there be so many people posting, lamenting how deeply troubled they were by the game, if it were not written with such finesse?

We need more than just happy stories and loving true endings. Sometimes, bitterness and darkness taste sweeter than saccharine fantasies. It just takes the right palate, and the willingness to accept hearing about the dark and shitty sides of humanity that we know exist but want to avoid.

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Hi everyone reading this~ Just wanted to let you know that I had to pause development for a few months, thus the lack of updates. But I'm back in action now! 💕

Thank you! 🌟

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Thanks for playing!! 💕 Unfortunately that's a known little bug. It'll be patched out next time! I appreciate you letting me know.

Thank you!  💕  I can't wait to release more content for everyone!

Thank you so much for all this praise! 🌟

Thank you so much! 💕

What versions have you tried? There are 3, each one is meant for different types of Android devices~

Thank you! You can see more of her awesome work on her Twitter~

Thank you!! 💕