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Sad news, but I'll still be looking forward to your new projects!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Ilyes is my favorite :^) I'm assuming he's one of the bonus routes, so I'll be very patient until they come out <3

Just finished the demo and god, I spent a solid 5 minutes debating which choice to go with for that last question I was almost let out a screech when it turned out to be the demo's end, haha. 

The atmosphere, worldbuilding, writing, and the art in this game are incredible. I typically keep games (especially VNs) on mute, but the music in this one was really nice!! I also loved the nice touch of having a tutorial at the beginning. I've played VNs made in Ren'py for almost a decade and none of them really made use of the features they could've introduced to new players.

I'm looking forward to the kickstarter! Just one question though - are there any plans on having a permanent version of the journal in the extras? It's a nice feature, but I'm afraid I tend to get too focused on the narrative to pay attention to anything else, so I'll probably end up forgetting to check it while playing. Also, will a walkthrough be provided?

when you say you can transfer your old saves into the game, do you mean the old demo into the new demo, or the new demo into the final game? (oof sorry if that’s confusing, just wanna make sure)

Will the pre-order include a steam key?