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Apes of Wrath

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Got it, looks great

Your art inspired me, thank you for that!

Great news!

Hey there! Any progress on this?

Thank you so much for your answers and your patience :)

Haha now you are confusing me!

Do you put down something you're good at AND something you're bad at with each descriptor?

It says "...especially good at OR especially bad at..." in the rules.

Aaah ok, thanks, I think I get it now!

So in order for this to make sense, you have to write down the stuff you're especially good at next to your positive desriptors, and the stuff you're especially bad at next to your negative desriptors, right? 

Say you put SHIT next to brains. And write down COMPUTERS next to it. Anything regarding computers is impossible, stuff far, far away from computers but still relating to brains is a STRAY.

Did I get it right?

Wow, what a quick reply!
Alright, the questions are regarding The Stat Table and the Descriptors:

- Why is SHIT - SPECIALTY considered impossible? Why isn't SHIT - STRAY impossible instead?
- When you look at KINDA GOOD, what's the reason for BASE being 45% and SPECIALTY only 40%

English is not my native language so I may be missing something here but any help would be much appreciated!

Hey man, super awesome game, thanks a lot! I had some questions about the rules though. Is there any way of contacting you or should I just ask my questions here?