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Hey, and sorry but I can't help you. I'm using windows and I have no knowledge about mac

I have to say I had more fun with this game than I thought I would.  My favorite part was whenever Miss Fortune was talking, her lines are great. I love her sass. As for the story, it's pretty engaging and easy to follow. The fact that you can frame anyone in the way it makes sense is a nice touch, I'll try out the other endings on a later date(The first ending I got was with the Clops. I searched everything I could and talked with everyone multiple times to make sure I had enough evidence. Only the knife and the timing of the wound gave me a bit of trouble. Mostly the body), tho I can already regret framing Sherice.  She's too good for this world. The only complaint I would have is that: 1. One of Comtessas sprites had her arm in such position it looked mangled. And 2. The time period. I mean we have people dressed in like IX century style, one person with a wizard costume and one person taken out of the modern time. Can't forget about the police car. It's not a big problem just my personal pet peve. Overall a great experience that I will probably get back to whenever I feel like solving a mystery

Don't rush, I'm sure no one minds waiting for the good stuff. Especially since it's not that much longer

Yup, definitely when I get some cash to spend :D

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Well, I have to say I wanted to play it for lols thinking it'll be something average, but I ended up with something much better. Obviosly it's a Ace Attorney inspired game, but a bit better. The judge has some sense and can think for herself(big respect for that burn on Travis), the prosecutor isn't some sort of a maniac that want's to prove the defendant guilty no matter what even if it's obvios it couldn't have been them and showing the evidence isn't frustrating. Overall good experience except for the music that plays during cross examination, the rest of the soundrack fits pretty well but for this part could be better.