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Spontaneous Simulations

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This work was awarded by CSGC. I wud like to thank the CSGC team for their consideration.

Made a minigame with these hexes. Thank you, and Please check it out;

Did you manage to create hurricane formation? I worked on a similar project, but couldnt simulate hurricanes. It must sound weird but "I wanna see some hurricanes" :P :D

Thank you. mine uses vertex colors and nowhere near as detailed as yours.

dude, surface shader is awesome. May I ask what did you use?

happy you liked it. No worries, you are not alone. I will definitely need to have tutorials. 

thank youu

thank you. yeah I will extend it. But I have never made puzzles before. I need to practice.

I would appreciate if you haven't already:

Thank you though. I know I need a tutorial definitely.

best solution;

Solar panels are on the left and embeded to the wall, yes. THey are wired to the door, yes. door is at the bottom, yes.

The change is imminent, so you don't need to wait for boxes to heat up. They will start emitting themselves as soon as they are sunbathed.  The panels are activated as long as they are sunbathed by enough amount of energy as well. 

I will make the intensity of the light stronger so it will be more obvious that they are heating up. I might better upload one of the solutions, coming in a min.

will sure do. Thank you very much for the feed back

I already did. It was quite fun, just needed to experiment at the beginning to understand how am I supposed to pass the level. Fun game and I liked that there were so many possibilities

yeah maybe it was too hard for the first level. noted.

Thank you for the feedback

there is a locked door. it needs to be unlocked by activating the solar panels which require enough energy tranferred. energy may be transferred through blackbody radiation, under solar light objects heat up and they themselves start to radiate.

thank you for trying though.

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It's the first time I made a game with an intro scene and sounds. I appreciate your feed back on the intro scene and the game individually...

Is the cutscene too long, too vague, intriguing, clear?

simple concept but I dunno why I cudnt help myself and kept playing and playing. :D 

thank you for such detailed feedback. And happy you liked it.

yeah pretty much. It wud be nice to  be informed that there will be ghosts of my past selves if I keep playing though. I hadnt read the description so I thought the game was over.

nicely done

I feel the ending is not as climatic as I would want, but this is only the first level

nice game. stuck at lvl 4 though

voice records were definetely best part. You should keep using it. but the scene was too dark, couldnt see anything but the lights.

I am sure you will. just hang on


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I am sick at home so I got a couple free hours to rate games. If you want specific evaluations feel free to ask.

Browser games prefered!

please people! dont water cats!

typo: "countinue"

who would refuse

depends on what you managed with your code.

I completed the cutscene and first level of my next game. It is about moving blocks to transfer energy and unlock a gate. The puzzle is quite easy but it is only the first level.  

I am looking forward to your feedback. I am quite curius what you think about the cutscene especially. 

here it is

Two new assets created for this game: tile based shadow system, computer console typing animator. They will be avaialbe on unity asset store for free

happy to hear. I will keep making such games and simulations, only related to science.

they are captions like sodium or magnesium. We need them to keep DNA strands together.

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Before anyone complain, it's not a game I know, but I needed to finish this up and this jam motivated me.

However do you find motivation to finish your incomplete games?

cute pixelart. are they free to use?

great to hear!

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Thanks! Given the short amount of time I had for the submission you can imagine how much time I could spare for making that pixelman. 

Esspecially the second level was very challenging. well done.