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I guess timing must be more predictable. They have met right between two points, one was the objective and the game freeze. Nice idea but execution needs improvements. :)

Very fun little game, good job! :D

Going left without any hint got me confused. Before I search for the boxes, I tried to jump to the right side over and over again.

Controlling the cart was hard to get because of the icy movement but overall a good game.

This game is my favorite from Extra Credits Holiday Jam so far. I really liked the idea having a different color instead of matching the colors. And I liked the character animation :D Good job!

Icy feel of the movement is nice. The game freezes time to time, acts like there's a glitch. Graphics and animations are so good, I liked the character very much. And the music gives a mysterious feeling, I liked that as well. Overall good game and improvements would worth it, especially for mobile. :)

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Very simple and nice game. I liked  the sound when you tried to move through things like trees or  rocks. It gives you the idea right away that you can't move in this direction. Which what you would expect from an arcade game like this. And I liked the heartwarming "?" messages. Good game, good job! :)

As always, I'm not a good player so I couldn't past the very first level. Keeping the audience happy is hard... :' ) Sounds suited the style overall and I liked the art style very much. Nice game, hard for noobs like me but I liked it. :) Good job!

I think I didn't  make a single successful jump on the left side.  I'm not a good player but I really liked the idea of this game! The conversations were interesting and that kept me playing. Good work!