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Hi! I really enjoy playing your game ( I love the artstyle so much!), but I just get this ReferenceError and I have no idea what to do (is this normal?) Also... I think I just found a mistake? I've taken an Science Bubble exam and there was a question about absolute zero and when I selected -273,15 they told me the answer was wrong (I did it two times). Idk I love this game anyway :D

This was one of the cutest games I played. I'm not gonna lie, the artstyle was the thing that made me play this game and I wasn't dissappointed :> As you can see in my video, I had so much fun playing it (please don't mind my "voice acting") :3

I love how this game turned out to be something totally different than I thought at the beggining. It wasn't only about helping suicidal person but about trusting someone who is stranger to you. Decisions were so hard to make cuz what was good for him wasn't always good for you. It's so scary to think that this kind of scenarios aren't only a fiction.

This game was so fun to play! It's really good when you have a little break and don't have time for long games. I even made a video, I hope you're not mad :>

I know it's kinda late but I just make an account and I must tell you how much I love this game. I played the demo a few months ago and from that time I stalk your fb page like a creep. I just can't wait for this game to come out! I love everything but you're sense of humour just stole my heart. The story made me thinking so many times cuz as a polish girl I can kinda relate. Anyway, why Poland and Russia? I mean, I can really see why cuz all this false flag operation isn't really something that is impossible to happen but I just want to know.

Oh, and I made a let's plays some time ago. I hope they're not bad :3

I had so much fun playing this game! I always loved shooters but being able to play as a cute animu girl... it's double win! I love it! I wish I could play it online (cuz it would be hilarious) but I don't have friends >.< Anyway, I made a video a long time ago, I hope you're not mad :>