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Thank you very much for understanding the writing time (as for the codes, i wrote many of them yesterday for the customization of the MC) Haha, it is very cool to know who is your favorite God! Rafael and Isobel were thrown into chaos but with the passage of the first chapter they will be better known.. I hope to be able to finish at least 1/3 of the chapter in the next few days but it will depend on how satisfied i am with my writing. In any case, feel free to take any questions.

(Any errors i can find will be corrected in the next update) Thank you very much for your comment! :)

Ahh I'm glad you found it interesting! I'm already starting to work on chapter one! Anyway, thanks for informing me about problems with "i" english is not my first language so any advice is welcome! (I'll fix the mistakes later) Oh the gods will certainly be seen in the next chapter ... and maybe you can talk to a particular God ...

Whatever you want to add or know, I'm on tumblr available: @awakening-of-the-gods-tco

I'm so happy that you're enjoying it. Thank you so much :)