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So much conflicting on the choices to make, I like the dark tones to this vn, I can't wait to see what the MC will choose down the line.

Glad to see things here still chugging along, I always enjoyed this story.

I haven't played this yet... usually I play on a chapter by chapter basis,l like most, but seeing the final build will be out, I can wait, good job with the work everyone.

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Man this is wild almost 5+ years ago I played this

Chapter 11 was such a banger, you have to continue writing its so good.

A jnny route would be nice but things are pretty slow as is, and the story seems to be mostly male interactions so yeah.


Glad to see the new chapter is out, can't wait to sink my fangs into a good story.

A neutral route is pretty cool I like the whole idea, I'd do it if I was in a author's shoes writing a VN as well.

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Dude I've been waiting patiently for this and honestly I will continue to do that its completely fine. Lots of folks lately have been going through some rough patches, release something that'd make you and the fans proud, keep that chin up.

Oh cool, I've been putting this story off for a while but now this dropped I can get back into the two novels, see what's up. Congrats on your anniversary.

Did the android apk get updated? It says 0.7 on the page but the download file itself is 0.5

Also not sure if a day/chapter selection is worth adding into since downloading a new build on phones and skipping to the spot where we last left off takes a while, but a minor gripe and isn't too deal breaking if it's not added across all platforms.

Nice, chapter 10 part 2 is out and was a neat little read, there's a part in Lyall's dialogue where its supposed to be a action or monologue in his thoughts from a third person perspective rather than the usual talking quotes. Otherwise I like this update, and the android logo got updated too which is awesome, keep it up.

Honestly you raise some decent points, I for one (who isn't Caucasian to begin with) isn't tired of the whole white MC thing that's been going on lately in recent vns which is actually a decent change. Most furry vns over the decades have been just that, mostly antros without any other non-fur variety and it was getting old to me at least.

Yes things aren't fully explained but that's the cool thing you get to connect the dots. I was surprised when the scene of the map appeared in Lyalls room, there's lore drops/snippets here and there. Making for the reader to fill in the gaps and guess potential possibilities. I like the being able to think this is a alternate me living in another timeline but the same name in these scenarios and its quite enjoyable.

People aren't always going to be satisfied with the work you do, but he's made something pretty neat so far.

Wow, I've been putting this story off for a while figuring it'd just be another linear romance story without anything interesting. I've been pleasantly surprised and humbled, the last 3-4 chapters have raised the stakes, and my interest in the story has me hooked now, good job with all this.

Can't wait to see what you do with part 2 and the other chapters, you got a neat little thing going on that's underrated and unique in the VN department.

Dude sissel and shirokoi back in this mf to give us great content again ? Niceeee, glad to see the story back! Also that 3rd changelog made me chuckle a bit.

I heard about this a lot and thought it was overrated due to the hype it got but was humbly mistaken. You got a really cool vn going, keep it up.

Despite the odds you bounced back and made a amazing chapter that felt like a thriving and developing world, truly amazing work you've done.

Thank you for making the human aspect a option, not alot of VN's do this and honestly should despite being a furry based story due to a majority of them are non-linear.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

Recently found this project a few weeks ago and wasn't dissapointed before the change, hope to see more in the future.

The fans will continue to wait patiently...until next time cheers, and no worries on the setbacks at all.

I've played this years ago when I was younger but lost it through time, fortunately I found it again recently and brought back so many good memories of it. I wish your team safety and courage through these hectic times, love and support from Canada.

Ayo? What a nice treat, thanks everyone!

Okay this is epic.

interesting theories, lets see what the story will tell in the future.

Also this got dropped before my birthday, such an awesome present < 3

Thank you for your hard work, despite everything that happened I still really loved the vn's to Santa Lucia and beyond!

Keep at it! I can tell you've put a lot of work and thought into this with this sketch alone (with the previous posts as well). I'm sadly not really into art or 3D as I was into animation but I'm sure you'll find that spark, don't lose your way friend.

Gonna read it now, thanks for your hard work as always.

Reach for the heavens, I wish you nothing but the best.

Its pretty similar to Banes Blackgate scheme

Become another Blackgate? Oof now that'd be a kick in the head.

bruh moment right here, well I like this vn despite everything being said, would be kinda sad if it went down the pipe.

Can't wait to get back into this, been a long time since, will bring back some fond memories.

I like what I've seen in the comments and above, no quarrels from me.

Such a good story! Also Apollo and Daphne are so similar to Frisk & Asriel from Undertale, it's pretty cool.

Happy birthday otter boyo