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F R O G ! !!! ! 

This is so cute and fun and actually an excellent idea generation tool for composing

Thank you!! 😭💕

I loved these so much!! 

This is happy and great!!!

:o thank you so much!

:) This made me very happy. 10/10 <3

This is really special. Thank you for making it <3
Hope you're doing okay

I love it!!

Thanks I love it <3

Is breá liom mo bhosca ceoil! Go raibh míle maith agat <3

I'm so happy?????

I'm so impressed with this.

I'm an anxious college student who had a really rough time when the Covid-19 restrictions were put in place. I'm starting to get back on my feet and have a lot of deferred work to get through. This is helping me keep track of everything I need to do. It's simple, beautiful, and no-nonsense. In the past, I've messed around with Trello and Evernote and Notion, and convinced myself that the hours spent organising my planning was productive. This is so breathtakingly simple, and it's not possible to do much other than list stuff. And that is absolutely a selling point for me!

I know it's not made for students, but it has everything I need. Thank you!!