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Mr Blobby Returns thought this game was pretty good creepy some good ideas very well done. 

Created a new topic Great Game

Really enjoyed this game thought there where some good ideas only thing I would change is the monster chasing you I would design one form scratch. Just my opinion

Is one of the best horror games so far very well done.

I really thought that it being hard was good for me cos I hate easy games

Firstly I really enjoyed this game thought it was very interesting and I liked the ideas that were used like changing dimensions.

Same old story with these indie horror games

A little late to the party I really enjoyed this demo it's a pitty there isn't gunna be more work on this game.

I thought it was creepy the visuals looked spot on for me loved it 10/10

thank you

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Never played a horror game set in a sewer was different

I loved this game so much.

Played the new update was happy to see more content added but I got stuck at the end with a code.

Played the new update but i got stuck on the door with a combination

no worries i will play it either today are tommorrow

I played this when the game came out but didn't get round to editing it so I not played the new update but here is my walkthrough.

I understand

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Just my opinion but I think its a bit to much for a game on Itch.io. On steam I would buy it but not on here.

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Really enjoyed this creepy game was only made in 48 hours but really good work.

Really good creepy horror game about 12 minutes of gameplay I tohught it was another inspired P.T Demo but really enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed this game lots of work been put into it. Kept dying in this game but got the hang of it in the end.

Really creepy game I wanna know what actually happened. Ends with the maggots I just thought she was dead and she was messeg

ing you from beyond the grave.

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Really enjoyed the game felt a little weird at the beginning but was creepy and well made.

ok thank you

I have tried to play this game but moving left and right is weird you can't move with the mouse and I just find it really hard to play.

Really enjoyed this game found it creepy. I wanna thank the developer for listening to people who have reported bugs so I was able to complete the game.

ok sweet i wanna finish it

Just wanna leave some feedback on the game not finished it yet cos i couldn't put 3 in the code in the room with the paintings then when i started again the key didnt spawn so I can't finish the game.

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This game had really good atmosphere and the mannequins

freaked me out too good job.

Was very creepy and atmospheric hope to see something more of this game in the future.

I liked it but didn't seem as long for me and the creatures looked a little weird one minute they would attack me next minute they just starred at me.

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Played the game found it creepy with the mannequins very good job.