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Weird I played this and throughout the game even though I was playing it I only got the menu in the footage its like the menu was overlapping the actual game anyone else  had this problem?

So confused is there an ending?

Atmospere was really good and listening to the recordings made it a bit more creepier don't understand when I open the door with the combination it you get jumped.

Made me jump when I saw the black figure you did well on this game man man congrats.

The developer let me try this game for free even though it's free now but I got frustreted with the fact that she can go through walls to get you but I liked everything else the atmoshpere the puzzle to get the code just wish it was a bit longer.

I don't know what grabbed me at the end but I couldn't finish it.

Great atmosphere in this game struggled to finish it I couldn't figure out what to do int he 2nd part of the game but everything else I really liked.

Great bringing the old vibe back of amnesia  just couldn't finish it.

All's I can say is well done it was amazingly terrifying gotta make this into a full game PLEASE.

Your Welcome

I thought the game was only a few mins long then I realised I had to hit play again and the game was changing as I played more into it great work o this one.

Loved the new update wish there was more but will keep checking in on this game.

I may need help on this video couldn't do the puzzle.

I did think the atmosphere was spot on love to see more.

Definatly the best game on this 3 new horror games video I made found it quite creepy at times.

Not sure if there is more to this game but I couldn't seem to get that far.

Although I got stuck quite a lot and couldn't figure out what to do It didn't seem like a bad game just needs work.

Took me a while to get the idea but I got there great short game.

Great work love these types of games takes me back to the old style of horror.

This game scared the shit outta me massive thumbs up on this one amazing work.

Slenderman is slacking a little.

So frustrating I couldn't finish it it is really hard but great atmosphere.

Brilliant atmosphere but couldn't finish it excellent work.

Ahh no worries good luck on your next game

Really not sure what to think of this it was like a horror assault course.

Excellent work very creepy good atmosphere please add more to this.

3rd game on the video.

Theres my gameplay, does the game actually end?

A bit short but not to bad

Great work mate

For saying to was made in a few days very good work was pretty difficult too, never want it to be to easy great work.

Creepy as fuck and very dark please add more.

The 2nd game I played by this develoepr and they don't dissapoint very good work.

Didn't see this page our else I would of put my gameplay up but here it is better late than never.

Man that game scared the shit outta me I loved it

I gotta see more of this game really scary it's the second game on the video.