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Very short but creepy needs more gameplay.

You asked me to play your game and I did great work on this game bro.

Great game.

Creepy twisted true horror I love it.

Creepy as hell good atmosphere great work

REM community · Created a new topic Great game

I thought it was a good game great graphics creepy but im stupid so I couldn't figure it out but I tried.


I take it theres 2 endings. 

Your Welcome

Haha not when its fucking ur lungs up

Hello my friend very good work I wouldn't like a job at this place.

I wish this guy would come to my house I have a mold problem too.

Great work on this my friend here's my gameplay.

This was creepy especially when the mannequin started walking towards you.

Would of liked it in English however the animations and the gameplay where very good.

Very creepy being stuck in a subway very dark and tense.

Loved it didnt think I could figure out how to escape but I did.

Great game bit short but has potential.

A bit late to the party but Hell I got spooked.

Really wish it was longer but could be a very good game if it was. I love the retro style horror games.

A bit short but has potential.

Thought the graphics where very nice however I don't think it runs very well as you will see in the video. My specs are GTX1050ti 4gb i3 8100 8gb ram.

Game runs a lot better than last time I played it.

However I couldn't really get into it because It was just noises after noises didn't really find it creepy but at least there was plenty of batteries to keep my flashlight running.

No Lights community · Created a new topic Great Job

Loved it very good work.

Everything from the music the atmosphere very silent hill I love it can't wait for more.

Great creepy game my friend love the pixel graphics.

Didn't play to much of it but I liked it thought it was really creepy with the old vhs video camera exploring a sewer but as soon as that thing started chasing you it  kinda ruined it for me.

More more more

Had some problems with the game but got there eventually and the atmosphere was really good really creepy.

I did go back to the menu and hit continue then I couldn't open the door it wouldn't let me 

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I get to the same point in the game and I cant escape the weird colours I can just hear the woman crying in the background. Also when I restarted from the last checkpoint I cant even get through the door.

Decided to give it a go but I didn't finish it. It was different to most horror games I played in a good way.


Love this game make the graphics a little better and add more gamepaly would be mint.

Took a while to finish had help from the dev but I got there in the end.

Thanks for the help dev

I cant figure it out

I know it's only a prototype but is there anything in the game that you can do?