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Man that was creepy.

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Theres quiet a few bugs in this game everytime I went into the menu to equip my lantern i wouldnt be able to move afterwards and sometimes when I did equip it it wasnt working and neither was the flashlight.

Horror Horror Horror YESSSS! That was good.

A bit short but not bad.

Great game.

Great Game.

Did that but I cant pick up the magnifying glass and when I try to open some doors it makes the sounds but they dont open.

I took the wooden planks of the door but can't open it.

This game is what horror is all about.

Great work for a solo dev.

Great game mate.

No.3 in this video.

No.2 in this video.

No.1 in this video.

I just ran around for a while I couldn't finish it.

Took me a while to finish the demo it's quite difficult to figure out where items are especially the key in the photo frame but the atmosphere was key to this game which in my opinion was spot on it was very creepy.

Oh yea my bad sorry I got it thanks for your help.

Hi man I bought the game but dont see the actual game in the folder?

This game was top notch.

Great atmosphere.

I couldn't Finish it however I did enjoy it.

Just played on the windows version after you get out the car and go into the wood cabin the game crashes.

Can't wait for more content.

I gathered that there was no ending great remake though.

I hate toilets.

Need more battery life.

I can't go to the toilet anymore I have to poop in the corner.

Great game.

A bit short but very creepy.

Great work my friend.

Great work my friend.

Great game.

Creepy game.

Man that was good.

Only a short video but creepy as fuck.

Great work mate.