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This game was scary as shit I loved it.

I played the demo on steam is this and update with more places to explore?

Chekc the guide dude thats what I had to do its in the game directory.

So I finished it this part 2 hope you guys enjoy. It starts where I left off from the last video which can be found on my channel. 

Thanks for giving me the opertunity to play this p.t demo

I thought this was very creepy especially when that thing was trying to get to me good animation.

I really enjoyed this game I am a lover of point and click games and the work that has gone into this game has just made it very enjoyable for me.

Your welcome you make some great games

Glad i finished this game because it was very scary and kept me on my toes.

Actually like this game a few little bugs but overall really enjoyed it.

why upload it then

I cant interact with anything at all what do I do?

Once I figured out the button for the flashlight I thought it was very creepy and that shadow freaked me out to never knowing were it was going to be very well done.

Got to admit I really liked this game very creepy voice acting was good just wish it was a little longer but 5/5

I agree with some people about there being voice acting however the gameplay is spot on and the atmosphere was amazing, can't wait to see the full release of this game if it goes that far....I hate Mannequins.

Really atmospheric, creepy bunny with a chainsaw amazing

i loved it

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So I recorded this late at night and everyone in my household was asleep so I had to talk very quietly Really think this game has great potential thought it was very creepy.

Is this an update cos i already played this game?

Is this the full release?

settings? I have a gtx 750 and it is laggy as hell

I played it with controller I really enjoyed it

I loved this game it was

very creepy

i enjoyed the game thought it was creepy just when i hit the burglar with something i ran past him and he still got me.

lol I dont tend to scream our anything but i got shivers i can tell ya

This was very creepy I walked into the living room and I literally walked straight past the burglar I shit myself.

Mr Blobby Returns thought this game was pretty good creepy some good ideas very well done. 

Not Alone community · Created a new topic Great Game

Really enjoyed this game thought there where some good ideas only thing I would change is the monster chasing you I would design one form scratch. Just my opinion

Is one of the best horror games so far very well done.

I really thought that it being hard was good for me cos I hate easy games

Firstly I really enjoyed this game thought it was very interesting and I liked the ideas that were used like changing dimensions.

Same old story with these indie horror games

A little late to the party I really enjoyed this demo it's a pitty there isn't gunna be more work on this game.

I thought it was creepy the visuals looked spot on for me loved it 10/10

thank you

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Never played a horror game set in a sewer was different

I loved this game so much.

Played the new update was happy to see more content added but I got stuck at the end with a code.