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i was literally hooked on this game and pulled all nighters to finish it LMAO how r all of these men so irresistable props to yall 

im demi and nd too!! i totally understand how u feel about the rep in this game, esp bc cove is the main love interest and there typically haven't been any other demi or autistic characters in games 

just played step 4 and i wanna say thank you again for this beautiful, genuine game! i cannot WAIT to see what you guys do next <3

are requests still be taken for names that we want to be added to the list?

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this game was so cute! from the art to the story. i especially loved the baezeal and jam endings! (also the cameos from kamilla, olog, and eleni)

i loved the true ending sm!! the art and music/sfx were also so wonderful!

this game was amazing!! i blew right through it and the development between the mc and cove is so beautiful and sweet, not to mention the art and the soundtrack are both spectacular!!  it is genuinely shocking to me how it is FREE for anyone to play LMAO i am PUMPED for all the new DLCs tho keep it up guys!!

this game was so cute and relaxing to play! i fell in love w/ the art (and fennel) instantly 

i am genuinely so excited for the full game to come out!! the fact that the narrator broke the fourth wall when i quit the game and then came back right at the start was so exciting for me. the art and the voice acting were my favorite parts for sure. i also think that the sprites moving was really cool!

i loved this game! i just went thru and got the teal and phoenix endings and I'm def going back for the joyce ending. this game was so relaxing and fun to play! i also really enjoyed the message about working hard to have the life u want, it really resonated w/ me since I try to follow a similar lifestyle. thank u for making this amazing game! 

i loved the characters and the art of this game! it felt really cozy and I loved how I could interact with pretty much everything, like in undertale!

this was really fun to play! it wasn't too hard or too easy, the gameplay was great! i played with a controller too and that made it all the better. great job as always!

i love this game so much! i have a habit of replaying it whenever i feel down now lmao. the art is amazing and its so well written! i love the little references to info from the published journal #3 and the lost legends comics! 

i loved the art style and color palette of this game! it was super relaxing and have me a good break from my ethics paper lmao

im glad im not the only one who thinks so LMAO

literally same

this game is amazing! it was so fun to play with a really interesting plot and characters and the fact that it's free???? dude. ur spoiling us 

i loved this game! it was so good!! ur literally a god for having it be a free game, thank you so much it was so fun! all the characters were so interesting and fun to interact with

this game is so cute! def warmed my heart with the earth cat part