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Definitely Kat

Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic Error

I keep getting "Uncaught RangeError: Invalid typed Array Length: 16" if I try to leave the castle by any means.

I didn't understand where I was supposed to touch her.

Nevermind, immediately figured it out.

How do I get past Red's first attack attempt? I don't get it.

Kleio won't call me about the car for some reason. I've waited over three weeks and I can't find the event conditions or a way to solve this problem anywhere.

Will I seriously have to go through Palla's quest line again? Also, a time skip would be great for Cassandra's quest line, because hers is a huge pain. Especially for my potato pc.

Is there a way to time-skip? It's very annoying that I want to pursue a specific event (Audrey) that requires a season (summer), which is the season that just passed. I'd load a recent save but I just finished Palla's route and am going for the Bitchy Harem.

Is there a way to time-skip? It's very annoying that I want to pursue a specific event (Audrey) that requires a season (summer), which is the season that just passed. I'd load a recent save but I just finished Palla's route and am going for the Bitchy Harem.


Love the most recent chapter! Can't wait to see more.

It worked, thanks so much!

I believe I sent the right files, correct me if I'm wrong.

Please help, I'd like to get tot the magic spirit.

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I don't believe I did have it, nor do I have any such orb now. It would be in key items, correct? Here's my key items inventory: 

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So, the teleport stones changed to be one orb. Is there a way to get this orb past the beginning where you receive it? Because, while my orbs have been taken away and the ones that weren't taken away are useless, I did not get any such teleport orb. I ignored it for a while, because I didn't really need them, but then I realized that I can't get to the magic spirit without the correct orb. I realize that I can use the teleportation stones around the map, but the problem is, while it does allow me to teleport to Dorgania, and Begus, it does not allow me to teleport to Amagal, which is the one I need. Is there a way to get it or am I going to have to restart my game??? Because that would make me very upset. 

Thanks! And yeah, I don't know what happened either.

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I'm very confused as well then. Something did seem to be breaking when I first booted up the game. It was giving me error messages left and right (and also warning me of a virus after every line of dialogue) until I closed and reopened the game, not sure if something breaking caused it to be the SFW version, and I don't think it's worth it to figure out.

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I downloaded v0.22 and got the nsfw version, so v0.23 (the one I was playing on) has me really confused.

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Alright. I've just seen scenes that I remember being H-scenes turned into non H-scenes. Like the one with Makoto and a dildo, but instead he pulls out a fucking desk. And no, I'm not referring to the Patreon, the version I downloaded was the one from here. Also, when I made this comment, I was like 40-50 days in and still didn't see a single H-scene. Not to imply I've seen one now, because I haven't.

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I haven't played this game in so long. When did Ami stop being your niece? So is this not an adult game anymore? Are the adult scenes just found later in the game? Is there an nsfw version of 0.23, or is this just where the game is headed now?

Adventure High community · Created a new topic Cassandra

Is there a way to go further with Cassandra after she gives you a handjob with Sarah?

Adventure High community · Created a new topic Floor 17

Julia refuses to accept the note from floor 17, despite it being the floor she herself pointed me to.

Try this -


Can Morgan be married as of yet?

Thank you. :)

Thanks so much for the detailed response! Once again, I'm sorry if this came off as impatient/rude. I love your games and can't wait for this release!

I don't mean to offend, and it must be very annoying to get questions like this. However, as a plebian who knows nothing of the industry, why is it taking so long for the rest of the voice acting? Either 2 or 3 (I forget)  of the girls were already completely voiced, well, I think  2 were completely voiced, and then one was voiced outside of h-scenes or something. So that leaves 3 and 1/2, I guess. How long did those 2 1/2 take? I imagine voice acting is the last step. Again, maybe it's just extremely complicated and someone like me who knows nothing of video game design can't understand how tedious the process is, nor how annoying it is to get people to suggest you're moving slowly, when they, very likely, would never figure it out. Idk, it just seems weird to me. No hate, love your work. Peace.  ✌️

Haven't played this in a while. It's a great game, I loved it when I first played. Unfortunately, with my garbage laptop, I simply don't have enough room for the game. I have just enough room to download it, but not enough to extract it. I think the creator said they weren't planning on having a more condensed download. It just sucks that I can't play this game. Still loved it when I played it, imagine it's still pretty good, bye. 

What's your problem with Sarena being a lesbian?

Oh, that makes sense. Thank you.

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How do you advance with Samantha after telling her about Ryan cheating (and her spending the night with you)?

Edit: Never mind, it just happens at the bakery a couple of days later.

Wait, so who's Emma? Is she only available if you play as Bree or something?

Really? If so, yay!

I'm not into futanari, but the story sounds so damn interesting. Maybe I should just avoid it. I'm conflicted.

Did you even read the list of warnings? "The game deals heavily with themes of femdom, bondage, objectification, gender roles, mind control, dystopia, and slavery." - That covers everything you just said, except "gender racism", because that's not a thing.

Ah, okay, thanks. 

Wait... per week is + 0.00.1 (sometimes per 2-3 weeks). If 0.00.1 is presumably a tenth of 0.01 and 0.86 is left then... 860 weeks? 16.49 years left? I'm probably misunderstanding something... right?

I'm happy to see monthly updates are back.