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I appreciate the thought, but I don't currently have the game. Not because I don't want it, but because I can't extract the download.

Never mind, got it. Feel like an idiot.

Still being updated? Is this the final version?

How do I assign people to the library/auditorium? The game says I've unlocked them but no matter what I click on nothing happens.

Oh, geez, sorry for putting you through the trouble. Relax, I don't have any plans.

Right, my bad, sorry.

You're not wrong, you are, however, nitpicking.

Yeah, yeah, I know - I'm a dick. Feel free to downvote.

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Could you make a link with two separate downloads? My laptop has very little space, so it's a pain to download the game as a whole. Not that I couldn't download the 4GB, but after I download it, I'd then have to extract it, which (more than, usually) doubles the space required. An amount of space my laptop can't take unless I uninstall other games (even then, maybe not, unfortunately). I can delete the .zip/.rar file after the extraction which is good, but obviously not during the extraction, which means I'd need to hold all of that storage at once. Of course, I'd understand if you don't do this. It is a very personal request. Anyway, great game.

Agreed. Especially the second line. Referring to myself that is, I don't know you.

Better be a large update...

Challenge accepted.

Ending my life if this reaches 1 like.

Depending on how far you look into things, a lot of games that don't try to be political are very political. Skyrim has huge themes of racism, social class, crime, freedom/government. Anyway, none of that really matters. You're entitled to your opinion just much as the creator is to theirs.

Uh, no, the comment 4 days ago - and it takes like a minute to check these comments, so I don't get how I'm "obsessed". Regarding the second half of your paragraph, what the fuck are you even going on about? I'm not a Trump supporter, dumbass, never said I was. You really need to stop generalizing everyone you dislike. Didn't exactly explain how I'm "pathetic". If it's because I'm apparently a "right-wing conservative bitching about how trump lost ("got robbed") in the election, then I already explained how that doesn't work. If it's because I'm "obsessed" based on the fact that I'm still here, reading and writing comments (not even on a regular basis), then okay, I'll consider that to be "pathetic" since I have no rebuttal. But...the same logic applies to you. Alright, see ya. 

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I don't support #MeToo nor #TeachMenNotToRape because the first leads to false convictions and deconstructs the entire basis of law, while the second is stupid rhetoric - men who do shit like this (for the most part) know it's not accepted by society, they don't care. Anyway, with that said, I hope this motherfucker gets/has gotten what he deserves. I hope you're doing alright. Okay, that's all, bye.

I're not wrong. But it was probably a means for her to get her feelings out.

Great game. The last update was a while ago, hope you don't give up before the final release.

On Patreon, I think.

"You don't understand anything, but I'm not going to explain how you're wrong." - "It's a complete waste of time to respond to you, but I'm going to do it anyway just to tell you that." - Great way to get your point across :/

ah, okay.

Agreed. One of the few games I get excited about when I see an update.

What was the update a day ago?

Never mind, I got it. I just had to do the ice spirit event with Mira,  and the bow fetching for Mirel.

Where specifically in your relationship with them though?

It's a little late for that.

Update: it's been two weeks since I realized it's been two months. Any idea when the next update will release?

Personally, I don't notice these things too much so I don't really care one way or the other. But that's just my opinion, similar to this just being your opinion.

Well, you don't have to deal with criticism. Also, the creator shouldn't have to cater to whatever requests they receive. If they want to edit, that's their choice. If they don't, that's their choice. Doesn't mean you have to agree, doesn't mean they have to agree. 

ah, okay - thank you.

When's the next public update? If there's a specific place I should go to, could you please refer me?

Alright, I got it - thanks for the help. Stupid "SAntivirus" or whatever it's called, which I didn't even know existed.

Disabled both the antivirus and firewall entirely, as these discussions suggested - still deleting themselves.

Why do the files delete themselves when I view them? More importantly, how do I resolve this?

I might sound like a complete moron, but what do you mean by route?

Does the manticore ever tell you her name?

Hey, you don't know, maybe they were all held back like...three times. Also, they're stuck in some creepy loop.

Ah, the most healthy way to deal with your issues - ignore them and do things that may make them exponentially worse. That may sound sarcastic but I'm about to redownload this game and do the exact same thing.

Alright, thanks for satisfying my curiosity. 

I realize it must be annoying to be asked this so often, but my curiosity is relentless. Do you have an estimation as to when this will release?