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I'm  just going post this since apparently a lot of people are having a hard time trying to load or download the game which sucks since i Don't like the idea of this game getting bad reviews or anything  since i enjoyed it. Firstly you guys should make sure your getting the right download, If your on Windows you should download the very top one, And if your on mac you should download the middle and if on linux the bottom one. Then after downloading it you should unzip the file, You can this my Extracting it. To extract it Double left click on the application, A pop up screen should say would you like to extract the file, Agree than once done go to where it extracted it then double click the application again to play. If your on a really bad computer like you should change your graphic settings when the pop up appears from ducktastic to the lowest, Check the game and if your fine with it go 1 up. Keep doing this until your game starts to feel slow and go back down 1. This should give you a good experience with the game.