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Thank you, I'm glad you liked it so much! That is quite the high praise! And I agree, I wish that I had the time to get all my ideas in.

Incredibly cute and I think a very fitting way to learn programming. The start is especially strong with clear directions that slowly build up the players understanding. First couple of chapters have a clear focus on what they're teaching the player but I towards the end it felt a bit scattershot. A bit like I just bruteforced solutions without really using what I've learned before.

But overall, I liked it! Would be interesting to hear how well its worked for kids without a programming background.

Some issues I noticed:
- Can't kill shadowself. Not sure if it's intended but killing the shadow just respawns it back again.
- Scripts in other tabs are keept from previous level. I never had the need to reuse scripts from a previous level.
- Some missing dialogue voice in the second half of the game.

Thanks! Obviously us Wilcox'es have great taste ;)
I'm really happy you enjoyed the dialogue, it's always hard to gauge if it's actually good or not after staring at it for a longer time.
Do you do any game jams? If you're planning on doing a Ludum Dare or Global Game Jam then we could possibly collaborate :)

Thanks! Great playthrough, you really are a cat finding master! :)

Thanks for the kind words! Bubbles sure is one of the trickier ones, he's got a bit of a unique view :)

As mentioned above, I finally took some time to actually put the shader in a small sample project, it's available here if you're interested.

I've put the wobbly line shader into its own sample project that I've uploaded, it's free to use for anyone who wants it!

Thank you! The wobbly lines come from a modified sprite shader I wrote. It samples the sprite image pixels with a noise offset. I've been thinking about posting the source already, I should probably get to doing that.

I'm sorry to say that it might be that the graphics card on your machine doesn't work with WebGL 2.0. Could be the drivers but if they're up to date already there isn't much I can do to help you out sadly :(
Maybe try it out on someone elses mahine?

That was very cute! And somewhat relatable...
I love the way you ramp up the music and twist things around by making them more and more chaotic.

That sucks, I'm sorry to hear that. I don't have a Mac myself, I had a friend try it out on his and it worked fine in Chrome, Firefox & Safari. Make sure you've got the latest updates first. Something you can try that might give me some kind of error-message is if you, in Firefox, right-click on the page and choose "Inspect Element". The page should split and show info on the right, at the bottom should be an error log. Reply with any error messages you have there and I'll see what I can figure out.

Thanks for playing it! Sorry for what is going to be a bit of a long response, I have some ideas and opinions that you touched on with your feedback. I very much appreciated your thorough feedback!

Regarding crosshair, I kinda liked the logic that the Lovely Planet developer described for him not having a crosshair in his game. I can't say that I've missed it myself as I shoot and just drag the laser over the enemy with the particle pop from an enemy's death telling me that I've nailed it.

I put a pretty strict deadline on myself to complete this, I absolutely would love to have had more content completed but this was the bare minimum to verify the actual mechanics and gameplay. The next version would probably have a couple of levels and actually have some proper level design.

I have a bunch of ideas on different additions and variations to keep the game exciting. For example; triggers that you have to activate parts of the level (doors, platforms, etc), enemies that you have to tackle in different ways (can only be shot in the back, shoots back at you, etc).

But in general I would want a pretty clean design where everything feeds into the main goals. I'm a solo dev and there's a limit to how much I could finish on my own so I rather make something small, focused & polished rather than large, spread & rough.

I'm going to do more feedback testing with people to get more opinions on it but I also need to take a step back to get some distance from it before I decide if I should continue working on the game.

Again, thank you so much for playing it and giving me feedback. I really appreciate it :)

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Thanks! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to spend the time to make it into a full game, I need some distance & perspective before I decide.

Thanks, our cats had to get their due after being featured so prominently in the game :)


Thank you :)

Thank you! I really enjoyed hearing your personal stories about your animals, it matched very well with the game :)

About expanding it, right now I'm working on other things but maybe sometime in the future I'll go back and add another level or so. Or atleast add some music.

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The tutorial actually does mention it as you have to click one of the cats and show its info-box to proceed but it seems that it wasn't clear enough :)

But I'm glad it was challenging enough still!


We're glad you enjoyed it, we both watched your playthrough. We noticed that it wasn't obvious that you can click the cat names to show some hint-text so we were impressed you found them all by just looking at the silhouettes!

I haven't been able to reproduce the issue now but I'll look into it a bit later.

Hmm, interesting. What operating system are you playing on? How many players are you?

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Hmm, that is odd. Are you talking about the first horizontal hallway? All the players who want to join must stand on the carpet to join the game before one of them leaves through the door on the right.

Really cute and fun twist on tower defence. The fact that you run faster while carrying it adds a nice risk/reward to getting gems faster.

A perfect encapsulation of a fear that luckily, I haven't had before. But I definitely get it now though.

Cute, polished and fun is the three words I'd use to describe the game. Feels good to play and I love the sprites and the color palette. Good job!

Hilarious take on networking events and not too far from the truth in some cases. Made me laugh at several occasions with its different twists. Highly recommended!

Awesome work, the game really looks great and the sound and music is very fitting. A pretty fun concept, maybe could use some work with balancing as it's very easy for quite a while and then gets incredibly hard around 20 layers in.