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Very late, but it is free. As far as I'm aware, you'll just be one build behind the paid version.

It's fine, there's not exactly any way to predict the proverbial dick-measuring contest that is war.

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I was stuck on that for a while, too. Here's where they're located. Spoiler(?) warning for night 2.

-Outside the office

-In the closet opposite the bathrooms

-In the kitchen

-In the hallway between the arcade and showroom

-And lastly, in the arcade itself

No homo? Not even a little?

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You get into the car, and drive for a bit, before Lamu shows up in the road and plays the jumpscare. Based on the newspaper clipping that follows and the ending name, Road Kill, it can be presumed that it probably killed Lamu.

Newspaper clipping:

Tragedy in Lamu Forest Park

Tragedy strikes in the infamous Lamu Forest Park.
What was supposed to be a peaceful camping trip of four friends turned into a devastating bloodbath.
Tasha Neel, 20. Ken Abel, 20. Leon Dean, 20. and [REDACTED] were camping in the Lamu Forest Park on the night of February 19. The young adults just graduated and were looking to have a getaway out in the wild to unwind and relax.
That was when tragedy occured. (sic) Tasha, Ken, and Leon were brutally murdered and decapitated in the middle of the night, leaving [REDACTED] to be the lone survivor of the devastating incident.
The Lamu Forest Park has been infamous due to its collection of known murders to those who enter the park. Every murder involved within the park has been through decapitation by unknown means, though forensics have concluded that bite marks present on the deceased bodies resemble that of human teeth.
The mystery of the Lamu Killer has been solved, due to recent developments. Though authorities have decided to withold (sic) the information of details about said killer, they assure the public that it will no longer cause any harm to citizens.
[REDACTED] has refused to participate in any interviews, understandably due to their traumatizing experience.
Our deepest condolences to the family of Tasha Neel, Ken Able, and Leon Dean.
The public may rest easy knowing the Lamu Killer has been apprehended.

It then proceeds to show a black and white image of the sign for Lamu Forest Park.

High score is 87500 on my second attempt. 

Not bad, not bad at all.


This is like the Stanley Parable of quiz games and I am absolutely here for it.

It really is OP. Not using it would be a total misplay.

Completed in 18:05. Just under 15 minutes of that was spent on the last room.

This is so cute! I love it :)

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Question, has anyone here ever actually see a kid wearing one of those propeller hats?

You don't have to apologize, it's completely understandable! Good luck to all of you and stay safe out there, Nik!

Koshiro is proof that there need to be more Lawful Good Rogues.

Go through his route, and follow him when he leaves to go wash your clothes for you. I wanna say it happens in chapter 6 or 7?

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This is really good! Out of curiosity though, is Mikko going to be getting an update soon, or will we have to wait longer for more with him?

Edit: Should've checked the twitter before posting this, lol

Because apparently the competition for my #1 favorite VN has to be a three-way tie now. As if No More Future and 9:22 already fighting for that spot wasn't enough!

Thanks! I'll be sure to do that.

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Words cannot express how much I freaking love this game, or how much I love Isaac as a character! I wanted to ask, is it alright if I use window_icon.png (the adorable image of Isaac sleeping in the pause screen) as my profile picture? It's just such a cute picture of such an awesome robo boi.

Boop the snoot!

God DAMN this was good. I'm so glad it hasn't been abandoned!