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We do, So far I like 3 boy xP

Yike, I wasn't expecting to see Rou to be *glups* so soon though. Nicely done and a thumbs up.

This alway make me chuckles when I open it.~

Same, I feel sorry for him even so he had it coming.

I'll I second that, though I prefered salts or bean rounds just to make him to remember how and why he got it.~

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It aren't cancel snice Drakes is the one doing everything on his own with this lovely story. Don't forget he also do art work of other novels which also eat most of his times and irl as well.

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and no more loincloth tease from Drago I see :P

Where did you find that info from? Just asking

I only got one heart with him. i didn't know i could get two

I didn't say cuffy time Though. So your good?

Fair point, so how everyone doing so far?

You alway could turn into dark age like last time though :P


I like 3 but in order Lars, Gils and Mark.


Guess because we are very thirsty? 

Uh-oh, nose bleed alert..

What you mea- oh god, why?

This is walter, Mind you Herbert have 02 on his shirt so I think upper arm tat is 02. That what I am thinking so not sure what you guy think :P

Heh, Who know :P

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Wait, It translation cuff into game? 

Urrm, as in Hand cuff.

 PictureV enter your own risk >.>

And I made acc just to leave comments.... with cuffs and dark age. ( not really lol)

I can hear a bit in mostly music or shireks in this matter. Just I don't alway put headset ( on max) on while reading novel in most of the times.

Hell, I second that mate.

<.< heh, At least i don't have that issue due being hard hearing. Only would make me jump is jump scare pop up. ;-;

I really hated to tell anyone as I walk up to ppl just to say " Yo, your wife an whore to wolfs but here her necklace." But I feel like if I pull that with Logan..... I might just get an axe to face. lol ;-;

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I want give  both a belly rub but..... >.> More like rub Lars just to see him grumpy and blushing....^_^;

I wonder what happen if I kill blue and let pruple monster live. 


I kill Pruple first run because I forget save when I fought orge LOL. Also I like the end where two are fighting  who going give Pietro a ride.

P.S Trie to types last night but only stop in mid typing due power blackout on one street in stromy rains ;-;

Second that, I keep going behind the lab like an idiot in map and not world map... I didn't think to check world map ;-;

No matter how many times I look at Shazer.. He have a face like he want have lewd bad time if you forget ;-; Not in bad way though. I enjoying this and hope you keep going!~

I been playing this almost year. I haven't run into any issue so far I know of. 

Right now, Nothing beat Lars..... That xmas

I was reading this good Vn, it turn out enjoyable to read. Everytime I read Zhokahar's name I wince because that guy need love even he an ass but more we get into story the more understanding why.

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Oh yeah! thank mate!

Edit: Got their second heart. Thank again Itsara.

I know I got heart by priestess by allowing her to stay. Think I got one from Roushk under (not going say it snice spoiler.) But that it.

My question as well. i am looking though the log to find it.

And plus when you wake up from night with Bernard.... I forget there new art with him with your Food. All I can say DAMN! 

Wait, 22 day ago that got update? How the heck it slipped by me? ;-; 

Did you upgrade your home cage? That made to hold werewolf?

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Celebration Event, isnt that where Rhot take warrior dance at waterfall?