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Ooh, the one with Mc soul? At first when I saw, I thought drago a dragon name not his bad side drago dragon. Mind you there like 5 dragon god.

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I just not saying shame on them or being bad. Everyone do have right to have a opinion. I just saying I starting see common thing in comment, This is tame over to others comments. I love Limits and it's writer, Just that some opinions can drag down the author or extremes peer pressure. I didn't mean throwing a sword to someone face instead of dragger. Just stating the fact that I have seen, I posted a few here and other VN. Most common -massive reacted- I have seen is down vote it due to single word than a whole comment. Also second thing is that you are right, Everything have it own consequences in each actions.   

P.S. I vote ya because I like your thought and opinions :P ^> ( ^>-thumb up)

Forgive me for  my grammars :) 

Yupper, they love down vote to ppl for say wait, be patient or being called Impatient. Even it nice comment over straight up jerk, It would get down vote. I mean look at some other VN, they down vote just for that.

Don't worry about it, we do appreciate your honesty. Take your time and we'll be here waiting for awesomeness story Drake . \o/

Beside making sure you earning alot of points with Drago like everyone else char. I didnt have any displease point with him.

Urrm, don't break his mask that keep his power stable like Red's white mask?

And don't forget Nameless let you keep one of 2 gem.. I get the feeling he knew Mc held back on second gems and didn't say anything about it.

I was in middle of two t rex or shark. This pretty much answer it :P

And we'll be waiting in really long line. ^^ It enjoyable and not something I mostly play but at the end... I love it. Take your time Grove Dev :P

yeah, to get steamy scene you need put point into char route you want to be with. :)

>.> Got to say Tchort look more handsome than Drago. Must be this smei chest hair >//< Even so I still like Drago Geee. Way to tease us BioBuffDemonboi. You did well done. Think I found both NSFW so far :P Enjoy your story and hope you keep going mate! ^>

IRK! But we'll find it which make it more fun snice you gotta poke each route to find it lol :P

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Turn out these down votes because they dont like key word 

(be patient) or being told to be patient :'(

Aye, I seen what happen when pressure to much. They tend shut down or break. So take your time and keep up good work Drake  

^> ( <-thumb up)

Though it do make me wonder how much he going change Qrom.. My lord, his belly.... <333333333

Yup, Take your time mate!

I saw this long coming after I post my part lol. So many chanting "update" at dinner table :P

That one of many thing  I like about Dave, he a fucking daddy material  which I grinning to hard about.

Oooh, that I would like to see and read <3 Cheer Xevvy.

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I thought Diego route done last time I did his route o.o?

Also thank Xevvy for telling me :)

It would be nice to know who is winning even we aren't patreon.

It tad ok, but not really big fan of them.

I dare ask what o.o?

And it would get delay again. Just don't do it ppl!

You ppl need stop asking lol. He said it coming, it come when he could, mind you that he have other Novel to take care of. I am happy that he didnt burn out by dealing muilt novel while he did said he wasnt expect fans ppl hit the fans with this ( incase dont understand What I said, (In short those folk that enjoy this story). So please be patient. Sorry if I sound like out of line, or like I am charge of site ( which I am not :P ) 

Ps, I not good with writing. To author CHEER! for good Novel 

Mcldiot, His status showed in is Patreon link up there. He very busy irl. Log show Feb 2021.

It would help to know how corruption is going. It scare me to say the Corruption mark look good on Mc ;-;

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Yeeeaaaaaaah, that darn flirty dragon need to love. Though I wanted to know his full background story snice he one of rare race.

I want both but Vulgor won me over. ^>

oh lord.. date cute pup or him... What a tease you are my good sir :P

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I meant he look rough. I didn't say he is rough person.  :P

Am I only that like Dave because rough looking but a softie inside once you talk to him. o.O

Just because he look tough and big don't mean he have to be top role. Could be both or bottom. All we could know he enjoy someone else power bottom him :P

I like Coach and Rune in someway.. I just like make Coach blush often.

At end, I was like " NO, dont stop here!" because my god, I love how background of these character stories. I really want read more of these.

And I had to much fun making him Mooing o//o;

The best way to say " feck off"  I ever seen. I like the arts just fine. 

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I do love Red myself as well but way the story written with Ruaden,I get the feeling he is Straight or Bi snice his former lover. So I love 3 char. Red, Drago and Ruaden due to their lovely Traits.

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Like Tchort said, He's a BIG tease draggy.