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Glad that you're completely better. Rip with that fail though XD. Have a good week and fun at the Zoo

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I'm glad you're feeling better ^-^ The BGM is absolutely wonderful, beautiful and calming, yet I can hear some sadness, regret, or nostalgia in it.Hope you have a good week ;)

Hope you feel better soon, don't work yourself to hard ^-^

Sweet, don't push yourself or anything, don't forget to take some good breaks ^u^

How has everything been going?

All is fine my child, like I said, take your precious time and don't overwork yourself trying to get it out earlier. I can't blame them for getting a bias towards that mug child, he's just SO precious >///<

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Do you have any idea if the game's coming out in the Summer? Not rushing you or anything, take your time :) I loved your first game, can't wait for this one, I know it's going to be amazing! I got my eyes on Arya, he's a precious foul mouthed bean that will beat you with a mug ;3 Just can't stop replaying the Demo, start a little with the other guys but keep going back to Arya >_<