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This is a genius idea

Wow, excellent puzzle design

Very good game, thank you!


You are the bitsy master

I fucking cried

creepy af
couldn't finish it
great job

Simply excellent

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Ah I see the brother is a man of culture as well. I do also want a sexy spider ruler lmao.

Edit: Just finished the game. It was just perfect. A tasty game-snack for the soul. Thank you!

I felt chills again when she /introduced/ herself to Lee.

It was spectacular. What the tally marks meant. It was horrifying. I loved it.

Thanks again man, can't wait 'til it's finished :D

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I got effing chills man, I love your original storytelling. Thank you so freaking much for this jewel!

Edit: ah I forgot to specify I was only speaking about the demo, but I'll very clearly obviously buy the full experience. Plus I need another taste of Talaiporia top waifu in my life.

10 out of effing 10.

You did everything right.

It's lightweight AF, as all games should strive to be (754 kb on linux. I love you).

The story is intriguing.

The mission is wholesome.

You definitely delivered (pun intended).

Neat puzzles. Plus I love the witch's minimalistic face.

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I love how your games are so different in some ways but they all share this distinct straightfowardness or mechanical cleanness of sorts.
Thanks for letting people play these lil gems for free : D

Zoe top waifu

for the most authentic experience, I recommend playing this game alone in your bedroom very late at night.

I actually did and read this after.
It really felt like the Universe speaking. Everything was perfectly phrased.
Maybe She made this game through you :)

Then again, I guess we all are Her.

I f***ing cried.
Thanks for this gem.

Haha niiice what are the odds???
Awesome man sure I'll join.
I didn't add myself but you can add me as Antonio DLC, just like my username, it's an honor man thanks : D

Excellent game. Played it a few months ago and it hit the spot just right,  so I decided to translate it to spanish.

I worked on it on and off and finally finished! So here you go: (I only tested it on Linux so idk if it works on Windows but if the scripts are the same it should. Also I didn't include the Mac version since it has a different file structure compared to the other two builds for some reason)

Thank you so much for this beautiful piece of art and comedy! I hope it reaches many more :D

PS: So, spanish has many variations and I tend to mix them up on purpose since I find it richer than using conventional neutral spanish. Rest assured though that any spanish speaker will understand it just fine regardless haha.
- Talaiporia speaks in softly archaic/european spanish.
- The "me" switches between formal/neutral to informal/argentine spanish.
- Hendrik tends to stick to formal/neutral but may let slip a few informalities probably also in argentine.

I liked this immensely.
Art, story, pacing and immersiveness (I found the slight path variations plus multiple endings with a couple hard endings splendidly balanced).
I find it hard to find engaging games as of late and this one managed to hit the spot just right.

Thank you so much for making this!

Great game. Felt like eating good chocolate. Thank you.

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I use Ubuntu and for me it works without restarting.

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It stroke me as weird too, but I dismissed it as an on-purpose shader thingy for it being the last folder

Np at all C:
Glad I could help!

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Sadly I actually tried to reproduce it on the old build before trying the new one and didn't manage to.
So we'll just have to wait until someone else steps on it if it's still there.
I didn't say but I'm playing on Linux and the issue happened for me at level 8 since I adjusted the setting to better face the duck.

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LMAO same, I understand it's just a bit of humor but it felt a tad too harsh lol.
Plus kind of anticlimatic that I had seen the videos and the in-game simply assumes I didn't.
Although I feel like I saw this kind of ending or at least this negative interaction in other games and did find it amazingly funny there unlike here.

I have a theory on why it doesn't feel so great here and that's because those other games I mentioned were either really crappy and you honestly weren't expecting any sort of soul and being hit by something like that would feel like a breath of fresh air... or they were of a more, ahem, concupiscent nature which people usually play late at night actually thinking they are wasting their time and feeling guilty and/or dirty so being told off in that situation actually feels funny because the author is clearly much more twisted than the player plus it feels kind of deserved and it gives the player a break from self-nagging.

Since this game doesn't feel crappy and void of soul nor is it +18, I think the player simply feels innocent and feeling comfortable with themselves looking at the nice aesthetics and having a playful hate towards the MC which got us in there with his incompetence, so they really don't expect that sort of "backlash" after reaching the end.

Opinion and nothing more than an opinion: I guess a more wholesome ending would fit better.
I'm not saying that it should, and honestly a wholesome message at the end is pretty predictable and cliché unlike the ending right now.
I loved the game regardless.

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Heya, finally caught the level 9 bug but had to check the community pinned post since I was being mislead by a very interesting bug.
I basically took a leap of faith at the bottom of the map since I saw no way to reach the bug other than stepping on invisible floor outside the collider range... and there WAS.
Obviously I didn't know the collider path changed with each reset so I stayed on that level checking the invisible solid floor for a while before giving up without being able to reach the golden cockroach.
The invisible floor can be stepped on by moving to the bottom edge of the map (seen from below with the map correctly oriented) and simply stepping past it 1 (and I think 2 too) tile forward.
You'll see the character standing mid-air and able to move along the edge just fine skipping past any 0s next to it as long as it stays outside of the map.
Doesn't happen on other edges tho so you can't really do much past that.

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Excellent game btw, you have my full respect as a fellow dev and sometimes artist.
You nailed vibes, inventiveness and difficulty (I still have a few bugs left to collect haha).
It was a very refreshing experience and I would feel extremely proud of myself if I made anything nearly as good as it.
Thank you so much for making it!

Haha happened to me too, I really wanted to get the duck inside the folder for some reason.
Maybe because it feels like Portal's companion cube.

Hi! I got this bug and managed to find out a workaround so maybe that helps tracking it down.
And I think maybe I have a way to reproduce it but tbh I didn't test it that much.
Here we go.
Possible repro steps:
1. Open Menu -> Settings -> Camera Sensitivity
2. Use the arrow keys or wasd to move it
3. Click on OK //It's important to really click, not use the keys now
4. Click on Back
5. Click on Continue
6. Press 'A', or the left arrow for a while
7. Try moving the camera around
Result: you'll see the camera slow

Workaround steps:
1. Open Menu -> Settings -> Camera Sensitivity
2. Set it back to a usable value
3. Press escape to close the Camera Sensitivity window
4. Exit the menu however you want
5. Press 'A', or the left arrow for a while
6. Try moving the camera around
Result: it works as expected :)

So yeah probably a listener for the Camera Sensitivity Slider.cs (guessing, the filename lol)  or sthg isn't being unbound on exit through the OK button.